Stores On Merrick Road
Circa 1950's - 1960's




         November 30, 2008


         Hi Skip


         You've listed Orlando's bakery and Four Star Bakery as the same place. They were NOT. Orlando's was next door to Burt and Dave's (Lil N Ed's) where you mistakenly have Dilberts listed. I don't remember anyplace in Laurelton called Dilbert's, but maybe it was before my time...
I'm quite sure of this. I worked for years for Burt and Dave's, and hen I shoveled snow, I'd sometimes cut a path in front of Orlando's as well, because the owner was such a nice guy.




         Lou Cohen    Email Address:



       November 30, 2008


I found the jewelers name and address on Merrick Road.... Laurelton Jewelers, 229-06 Merrick Road



       July 17, 2008



I used to live on Stanley’s block. On your list of stores, where you have a “?” next to Stanley’s, I think there was a TV repair shop.

Also missing from that block, next to or near Burt & Dave’s corner, is the Italian bakery. I forget the name of the bakery, but I will always remember the Italian ices they sold during the summers for 10 cents (small) and 15 cents (large), eventually going up to 25 and 35 cents respectively. I used to love the pistachio, but my father only ever had the lemon. (Could that be the L&N Grocery referenced in your table? I don’t know.)

I also remember for a while, when I was 12 (which would make it around 1968), as a delivery boy for the Long Island Press, a storefront on the side street of 228th Street (?) where we used to fold our papers before delivering them.

Steve Weiss   Email Address:



        July 17, 2008


        Hi Skip,

What a great site!!

I lived at 134-55 233rd St in the 40's and early 50's so my memory goes back a bit further than some of the stores on the map.

In the 40's I used to hang out at the Capri Resturant eating pizza and drinking beer with my buddy Jim Wheatley and admiring the owners gorgeous daughter who worked as a waitress there.

I worked as a delivery boy for Dave Dankner until he died in 1950 at a very young age, and can confirm that there was a drug store at the south corner of 232nd St as Mark Churchin also recalls. In the 40's it was a part of a chain of Whelan Drug Stores.

I also am quite sure that there was another store between Sterry's and Dankners in the late 40's. I remember it being a retail store that sold TV's and standing in front of that stores window one September evening in 1946 watching the Joe Louis - Tami Mauriello fight on the TVs that were displayed in the window. That was Louis's first Championship fight after the war and we were shocked to see him knocked out of the ring by Mauriello in the first few seconds of the fight ....... the first time he had been knocked down since the Schmelling fight in the mid 30's !!

Mauriello had an heel problem and could not back away and Louis got back in the ring and knocked him out before the round was over ! That was the first fight I ever watched and never saw one as thrilling to me since.

A year later in 1947, the Brooklyn Dodgers won a pennant and my father went to that same TV store and bought out first TV so that he could watch the world series. It was a 5" Edison as best as I could recall.

I also remember my grandfather taking us to Kern's Bike Store and getting my first 2 wheeler.

In the 40's the Northside of Merrick Rd between 232nd and 233rd was an empty lot where we would go to play baseball. There were quite few lots left for ball playing at that time.......Especially behind the diner where an abandoned farm was located.

There was also a dog pound on the north side probably at the northeast corner of 232nd St.

You and everyone else who contributes to this site are doing a great job. THANKS !!

Phil Silberstein   Email Address:



       July 7, 2008


        Yes, there was a little storefront public library on Merrick Blvd. between 225 Street and 226 Street. A new building was built for it on 225 Street just south of Merrick in about 1953 or '54.

There was a Chinese restaurant called Wong's on the southwest corner of Merrick and 225 Street.

There was an appetizing store on Merrick between 225 St. and 224 St. one or two stores west of the Chinese restaurant.

Ida Lesser
Class of '55 in PS 156    



       July 7, 2008


         During the 1950s and early 60s:

I believe the portrait shop you refer to was Wedgewood something, It was owned by the father of Nikki Wedgewood.
My father's store, Coloney Corner Lunchenette, was on the corner of Merrick and 234 St.
On that same block was a dry cleaner, a kosher butcher, a Grand Union supermarket, an Italian pasta shop, and a TV shop.
Directly across Merrick Rd. was the Twin Ponds bakery and a candy store on the corner of 234.
On the corner of Merrick and 233 St. was a diner.
Across 233 St. from the diner was a dog kennel. It burned down in the 50s.
On the corner of Frances Lewes Blvd. and Merrick Rd. was a luncheonette and directly across was a bank with a big clock.
There was a ladies clothing store somewhere between Frances Lewis and 233 called The Cardinal Shop.
Hope this helps.

Pearl "Penny" Rosenberg
P.S. 38 class of 1956
Andrew Jackson class of 1960



        April 20, 2008




        224-225 the Chrysler dealer was also on the north side. the south side originally had a gas station. the dealer used the lot behind the station for storage of the new cars

        north side next to the car dealer was franks barber shop

227-228 adams shoe repair-there was often an Indian motorcycle at the curb
south side-carmines became tonys, also there was different strokes hair salon

228-229 south side eventually became the dog house
northside was a barber shop, an upholstery shop, ace windows and a printer

230-flb northside i think was the casual shop before it moved east

flb-231 southside was capri italian rest., a picture frame shop

232-233 northside i think was zlotnicks shoe repair

233-234 northside i think there was a dry cleaner

I hope this helps your list get updated

Gary Weinstein



         December 16, 2007


         Hi Bill,

Thank you for the great job on the Merrick Blvd. store locations map! I have a few additions of my own; hopefully my recollections are accurate.

I distinctly remember Silver's Candy Store was located directly across from Wong's Garden, exactly as it appears on the map. (Someone had mistakenly mentioned, it was located a block further east.)

Also, I used to work part time at the Laurelton Bagel Bakery. I seem to remember the existence of another shop, located between it and Wong's Garden. I think it was a portrait photography store. Someone correct me on this, if I am wrong.

Another piece of info...there was a shop that sold Italian Ices, for 5C and up. It opened each year,
during the last month of school, and closed around September. I remember walking home from JH 59 in May, or June, and buying my ices there. It was located between Spr. Blvd and 218th. Street, on the south side.

There was also a coin shop (hobby shop also?) located on the south side, near 220th. Street. It may have been called, Nicks (across from the one shown on the map).

There was a rock shop on the south side, owned by Ted Fredericks. A very nice elderly man, with whom I talked "rocks," on many occasions. (Unfortunately, he died many years ago.) The shop was located between 221st. and 222nd. Streets, I believe. (Is "The Rock,"
listed on the map, supposed to be a reference to that shop?)

Yes, Tanbro Service Station was located on the north side and it was a Sunoco. I worked there part time, while attending my first (of many) colleges. The owner was Jerry Brown (an interesting character). The first car I owned, a 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee, was a bright yellow, with black racing stripes running the length of the car, along both sides. It also had a big bee and a black air intake, on the hood. Always got a lot of looks no matter where I drove it! I used to buy
my gas at Jerry's Sunoco; always getting the highest "high test" gas available. Sunoco 260!!

There is an "Old Library," shown on the map, next to Daisy Fresh Cleaners. Was this its location prior to 1955?? I lived 4 doors down from the Laurelton Public Library (on the corner of 225th. Street and 135th. Ave) from 1955 to 1973, and it was located on the west side of 225th. Street, south of Merrick. So, I don't know what this Old Library refers to.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this map!!

Michael Levitt    Email Address:





         November 26, 2007


         Hi Skip

On the south side corner of Merrick Rd. and 232 street there was Ensler's Pharmacy, owned by Artie and Buddy. Laurelton had a pharmacy on every block from Marders to Dankners.  Who can forget the Parkway Diner with "Nick the Greek" on the grill? Drag racing on Mentone Ave, congregating at Raabs, and the balconay at the Laurelton theater.  Great times with awesome memories.

Thanks Skip for all your hard work on this web site.

Mark Churchin     Email Address:




         November 21, 2007


         First, thanks for a great job.

Re: Zlotnick's Shoe Repair - this was a Mom & Pop operation located on the North side (not South). I went to Brooklyn Tech with their son Jeffrey (born 1947-49?) on the LIRR around 1960.

Re: Garyowen - this was also an old traditional Irish tune, frequently used in movies a a cavalry theme ("They Died With Their Boots On").

Re: Antique Shop - this was owned by Mrs. Brachfeld whose son Teddy went to AJHS and graduated about 1964? They lived on 234th.

Re: Tanbro Service - this was a Sunoco, so would there have been another opposite? Owner's name was Jerry, worked on my 1958 Impala in 1964.

Re: Vic's Hobby Shop - the entrance for the "cool" kids to his slot car track in the basement was in the back of the store on the side street. When the track did well, he took a much larger store on Linden Blvd. and had some success (I raced against 2 of the Shangri-Las there, they weren't all that attractive in person) for a while, then the craze died out.

On the North side next to Woolworth's was Laurel Tech Jewelers, the owner (?) Homer lived in Baldwin and used to park his Indian Chief motorcycle across the street - I sat on it (furtively) on my way home many times in the late 1950s.

At one point (late 1950s?) there was a small bargain store on the South side near Clover Deli.

On the North side near Colony was Diamond Ravioli (wholesaler, not restaurant).

At one point, a candy store on the South side near 233rd st. was owned/operated by the Israel family, whose daughter Ellen went to the Temple Beth El Youth Group with me around 1960.

Keep up the good work!

Jeff Diamond   Email Address:



         October 3, 2006


         Of course, on the South East corner of 233rd Street was Sterry's Tavern. Or as Eileen Sterry Parco reminded me, "Sterry's Steak House" was the correct name. I believe when Billy Gargan and Tommy Brennan owned it, it was renamed the "Garyowen", after the two Monahan boys, (Gary and Owen), were killed in a car accident. It was one of the few places with the “long board” shuffleboard table. Behind it was the Long Island Press office where I picked up my papers to deliver. We would fold the papers against the wall outside the bar. Just across the street was Kern’s Bike Shop, (Jippy Jakes). Remember the three Kern’s brothers, and the mother that resembled that bulldog that was always hanging around.

Bill Lederer     Email Address:



         September 17, 2006



I want to thank so many people that have given me input to the list of stores I am compiling. I have noticed something. A number of sons and daughters of people that owned and ran stores on Merrick Road have given me great input. I do think the reason Laurelton had that "home town" feeling was that so many store owners actually lived in Laurelton.

There were sure a number of stores just off Merrick Road too. Like Joe's Barber shop on 226th Street. I do think Pendel's Music Studio was down the block from Woolworth's, on 229th Street. What was that one on Francis Lewis? Was it Rosalind's School of Dance? Was there a barber shop behind Lil Ed's? The Long Island Press office down 233rd Street. The Chinese Laundry behind Mulvaney's, on FLB. So many doctors and dentists offices.

Bill Lederer    Email Address:



         September 14, 2006


         Somewhere on the Southside of Merrick across from Grand Union I believe, near the beauty parlor was an Antique Shop. Also, near GU was a Simonizing Cleaners.

Harriet   Email Address:



         August 29, 2006


         You're missing Pendels Music Studio on the S side about 231st. -


         Bob Nusbaum Email Address: 138-36 225st   -  FI 1-3862. SGHS 69


August 29, 2006

What a great idea! More great memories .... An addition follows and a slight correction (I think):
Add: Dankner's Pharmacy (Jack Drexler/Sam Dankner) on the south side between 233 and 234 street;

Keep in mind that the stores may have relocated over time:
Modifications: Elsie's Corset shop was between 231 and 232 street
The Chinese Restaurant on 232 was the original Chang's Chinese Restaurant
LaTosca was a pizzeria in the middle of the block (not sure if the map is meant to show East/West location).

Norm Samuels      Email Address:

August 20, 2006

You're missing Pendels Music Studio on the South side about 231st. - Bob Nusbaum 138-36 225st FI 1-3862. SGHS 69



A      August 20, 2006

Hi Skip

As I remember there was a shoemaker between 227th st and 228th st Siver's candy store was on the corner of 226th st (next to a bar) Marder's Pharmacy was on the corner of 228th st and Zickerman's Hardware on also closer to 228th st (Across from Raab's Luncheonette. If I remember more I will email you. Thanks again for a great website

Marlene Watt (Pinsker) Email Address:


August 17, 2006
I was looking at the map below of store locations. While I can't add new things I think there are some incorrect locations. Schultz's candy store was between 228th and 229th street next to Esquire Cleaners which was the corner store and on the same side of the street as Woolworth's. Marders Pharmacy was on the corner of 228th street on the opposite side of Merrick from Raabs. There used to be a beauty salon between the Laurelton Theater and Raabs as well. Hope this has helped to paint a more accurate picture of Merrick Blvd in the good old days.

Eileen Carter Email Address:



Stores On Merrick Road 

 Updated on January 6, 2008 


South Side

North Side

 Springfield Blvd to 218th


Gas Station

Hi Lo Bar

Professional Building

Hardware Store


Italian Ice


 218th to 219th


Reid Chevrolet

Johnny’s Meat Market

Tobacco & Candy Wholesaler 

John's Tavern

German Deli 

219th to 220th

Nickerson's Nursery

Drug Store

Nickerson’s Pet Store

Candy Store

 Charles’s Taxi

Emil’s Gas Station

220th to 221st

Shanley’s Home Improvement

Nick's Coin Shop



Liquor Store



Gas Station

221st to 222nd

Davis Tire - Kelly Springfield

Safeway Supermarket

Boars Head Tavern


222nd to 223rd


Tater Murray Funeral Home

'The Rock'

Tanbro Service Station

Abandoned House




223rd to 224th

Christopher Robbin Academy


Post Office


224th to 225th

Chrysler/Plymouth  (Laurel Motors-Geffner Motors)


Vic's Hobby Shop


Laurelton Bagel Bakery

Tramintano’s Hardware Store

Wong's Garden

Silver's Candy Store

225th to 226th

Daisy Fresh Cleaners

Atlas Rug Shop

Laurelton Ambulance Service


Bryne’s & Son Plumbing & Heating

Kwikway Supermarket (Key Food)

Krupnikoff’s Plumbing Supply

Elton Plumbing Supply

TV/Radio Repair


Insurance Office


Peter Pan Beauty Parlor

Abe's Deli

I Lenny’s Auto parts & Bikes

Professional Building

226th to 227th

Real Estate Office

Charlie's Tavern

Floor Covering Store

Candy Store

Democratic Club

Chinese Laundry

Samuel's French Cleaners

Rosen's Deli


Riveria Restaurant 


Striderite Children’s Shoes


Hershey's Travel Agency


Variety Store

Homeier Ford (Dee Motors)

Schwartz’s Drug Store

227th to 228th

Carmine's Pizza


Billy Brennen’s Law Office


Laurelton Theater

Miller’s Candy Store

Wedgewood Studio


Pet Store


Sam's Candy Store

Gurack Fur Store

Mr. Murrays Beauty Parlor

Zickerman's Hardware Store


 Marder’s Drugs

228th to 229th

Flemings Tavern

Dr. Denmark, DDS

Chicken Delight

Schultz's Candy Store

Buster’s Mobil GasStation

Esquire Cleaners

229th to 230th

Dr. Rothenberg, DDS


Hair Pin Beauty Parlor

Buster Brown Shoes

Kollner’s Butcher

Powers Fruit Store

Jewelry Store

Flo J’s Yarns & Notions


Colony Card Shop

Teddy’s Luncheonette

Sharry's Bakery

Schultz's Candy Store (Helen & Sam)

Rael's Drugs

Carwood Appliances

Professional Building

Dr. Coon

230th to FLB

Harry's Fish Store

Stanley's Toy Store

Kosher Butcher


Sheppy’s Appetizing

Estelle Peck's Dress Store


Orlando's Bakery (Four Star Bakery)


Safran's Kosher Deli

Harry's Men's Store

L&N Grocery



Ridgewood Saving's Bank

Pollick's - Lil Ed's - Bert & Dave's

FLB to 231st

Mulvaney's Tavern

Martin Paint (Granada's Appliance Store) 

Gogos Drug Store

Dial Drugs

House of Wong


Carpi Restaurant

The Town Depot (Joe & Ed's)

Clover Deli


Alfred Gudel Liquor Store

Casual Clothes

Laurelton Florist

Al Korn's Boy's Town

Hogarty's Tavern

Pompii Beauty Parlor

231st to 232nd

Grabor Real Estate

Dr. Friedlander

Atlantic Market (Wylers)

Meadowbrook Bank (Dime Savings)

Elsie's Corset Shop


Anne's Candy Store


232nd to 233rd


House of Chang

Charlie’s Barber Shop


Feldman the Kosher Butcher

Dr. B. Harvey Weiss - Optometrist

La Tosca Restaurant


Basso's Deli


Chow’s Chinese Laundry


Lily Dobbs Antiques


Kern's Bike Shop


233rd to 234th

Sterry's Steak House (Garyowen)

Parkway Diner

Danker’s Pharmacy


Real Estate Office


Harry Kipples Candy Store


Kent Dry Cleaners


Pet Store turned Laundry


 D. Rigsby & Son Signs


Zlotnick's Shoe Repair


Army Recruiter then Senior Citizens Center


234 to 237th and the Laurelton Parkway


Colony Luncheonette

 Twin Ponds Bakery



Sunrise Market (Grand Union)

 Leonard's Hair Design


Herman's Motors (Rambler Dealer)


Gas Station (Reds)

Rug Store



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