Thanks to Nancy Goodman Miller
For This Great Class Photo Taken in 1968

Skip,  Thought you could post this class picture...
Don't remember all the names, but here are the ones I can remember- Thanks, Nancy

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Top row: David Albert, Larry Weiss, Mike Moskowitz, don't remember (d.r.), Jeffrey Weiss, Lloyd ?, d.r,. d.r., David Zuber, Warren ?

Next Row: d.r., d.r., Michelle Katz, d.r., cheryl ?. Elizabeth Boris, Pamela ?, Naomi ?, Andrea Weiss, Andrew ?, Andy Krugman, Mrs. Gyves

Sitting: Nancy Goodman, Lori Chozick, Esta ?, Nadine Grodofsky, d.r., Naomi Loewenstein, Laura Glass, Robin Baruch, Mindy Cozick, d.r.

Boys seated: Frank Supovitz, Eric Alperin, David Abrams, Martin ?, Alan Gallay

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