Roberta Kossoff and Annette Henkin Landau are currently in contract to co-author a book about LAURELTON for Arcadia Publishing's "Images of America" series. Annette grew up in Laurelton and Roberta will soon be a resident there. One of the reasons we are enthusiastic about this project is the passion and energy that Laureltonians display whenever the subject of their hometown comes up.

In addition to text, the books in this series are notable for the large number of historic and personal photographs they contain. These photographs will tell a special story about a special place.

In order to make the project as authentic as possible WE NEED YOUR HELP. We need your PICTURES OF BLOCK PARTIES, HISTORIC OCCASIONS, SCHOOL FUNCTIONS, CHILDHOOD ACTIVITIES, THE GANG PLAYING PUNCHBALL OR BASKETBALL, CELEBRITY VISITORS, ETC. WHATEVER YOU HAVE, WE ARE INTERESTED. PLEASE CONTACT ROBERTA AT  She can make arrangements to pick up the photos or have them mailed. Please make sure the subject and geography of each photo, as well as your name, is attached. If a photograph is chosen it will appear in the book courtesy of your name.

We cannot use photocopies or digitized photos. For clarity of reproduction and the beauty for which this series is known, we must have original photographs. We know that your photos are precious and irreplaceable. WE HAVE THE ASSURANCE OF OUR PUBLISHERS AND YOU HAVE OUR PROMISE THAT ALL PHOTOGRAPHS WILL BE RETURNED IN THE CONDITION IN WHICH WE RECEIVED THEM.

Many thanks. Roberta and Annette   Email Address:


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