An Invitation to Get Together

July 27, 2006

Hi Skip,

What great fun it is to reminisce the great days we had growing up in Laurelton. I hope that one of these days someone will plan another reunion like the one we had about 15 years ago in Hewlett.

I and two other old Laurelton guys get together every couple of months for dinner in a nice restaurant in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  The three of us are: Bob Berkal, Saul Drubin, Art Kern ( that’s me), and we are occasionally joined by Bob Fidlow, Bernie Shaffer, and Joel Markowitz. How about some of you old pals - and certainly Gals too - joining us. We would love to see and hear first hand from any or all of you. Anyone who is available please email me and be sure to put LAURELTON on your subject line so I don't delete it as spam. By the way, my wife and I live in Watchung, NJ.

Hope to hear from bunches of you, near or far.

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