Doug Purver Reflects on His Laurelton Experience

Hello - I came across this site looking for any 'historical' info on the 'Ole Pizza King' on Springfield Blvd.

I just saw the re-zoning of these towns to 'Brookville' ? My grandfather had such a nice property then.
My father grew up there on 'Clifford' St now 145th Ave / 226th St when it was a dead end, and had lots of trees.
They owned their home from the 1930's thru the 50's untill my aunt took over the house when gr/dad passed.
My dad an him used to fish and trap furs in the old swamp now an industrial development.

My family moved from Queens Village down to Brookville Park. We were 10 min from anyone.

If you know yourself or someone that could verify some history about pizza king and the brothers who owned it - I believe 'Rudy & Vince'? They had been in the boxing sport at one time.  Pizza King was more like a nightclub as I remember. My dad used to meet there to see Rudy an friends.  It's were my parents met back in 1947.

There was another place called "Chris's " just under the LIRR by the station. I remember when it was raised up and the trestle built.   My dad brought me down there to watch the last steam run of # 35 or #39 go thru.

Well I guess I could go on like some of your members an writers. Once you start thinking - its amazing how much comes back to someone who really lives in the moment.

Thank you for your time, regards for now,

Doug Purver, family historian.

If I come across any snaps from then I will try and scan them.

Doug can be reached at

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