Thanks to Barry Dichter  For These Laurelton Photos Including PS 176 Photo & Laurelton shots - from the "Other Side"

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231-26 125th Ave - Home of Stephen, Carole & Barry Dichter. Man was that house small. Probably 20'x 40'. 3 stories with part of the basement cut off by a one car garage so maybe 1000sqft in total - 5 people. The street adjacent (west) to our block was Francis Lewis and across FLB was old Montefiore Cemetary.  Our row of houses (true row houses) were built during WW-II at the north end of a potato farm. They are the only row houses of their style in the Laurelton area North of Merrick and were built after the Germans had landed a U-Boat off the south shore of Long Island. They were scared of the German invasion.

After the war, the land between 125th & 130th/131st saw detached homes being built. Our mom grew up in a house on the "other side" around 225th and 138th - I think the Sokolov's lived there. While my mom wasn't born in Laurelton, I do consider my self a 2nd generation Laureltonian.  Jackson had not yet been built when she went to HS so she went to Far Rock (Jackson sister school in design), graduated and joined the Navy as Dental Hygienist. 

BPS176 6th Grade Taken in 1965. I am top row 3rd from right. Howard Margolis top row 2nd right my 6th Grade Class.

Top: Greg Kirmeyer, Brian Mateja, Mark Epstein, Barry Margolis, Peter Dachert, ? Michael Parham, Barry Dichter(me), Howard Margolis(best friend - still talk with him 1-2x/wk), Neil Bletch,

Middle, ?, Adrienne Tauger, Elaina Harrison, Linda Swanson, Cathy Jacobson, Susan Winder, JoAnne Starr, Joyce Padnick, Mona Irwin, ?, Sol Salzberg

Bottom: Roberta Kaufman, Debbi Weitzman, Arlene Marcus, ?, Rhonda Friedman, ?, Janet Bradlow, ?, Lisa Kasner

Sitting: Jeff Bowman, Chester Greenspan, Roland Brewster, Jay Wesibrot,


231-31 125th Ave. Home of Howard & Jay Margolis. Howard is my oldest and dearest friend.
Corner Corner of 237 & 121st Ave. Located on the SE corner across from PS-176. It was know as the "The Lost Continent" by the Guard Squad. This street had one crossing guard, me and I had one kid who crossed - JoAnne Filippi other than that, I could lean against the fence and watch the clouds. Nothing much has changed.......................

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