Andrew Jackson 60's Decade Reunion Being Planned

November 30, 2008

Hi Skip,

I came across the Laurelton website and found it very interesting. I grew up in Springfield Gardens in the 70's and don't remember many of the stores mentioned except Woolworths and the movie theatre. Anyway, I came across and see they had a reunion posted for graduates of Andrew Jackson High School in the 60's. I copied and pasted it here. In case you didn' know.



October 17, 2009 12:00 PM

We're planning an ALUMNI REUNION CRUISE for 2009 and those interested in making this come to life. This date is just tentative. Please email if you are interested and if you can help us update our database. Hope our last reunion can be topped and we can count you in! Remember the visit to Old Hickory? Our school looked better than ever and so did all of our alumni who attended. There were almost 1,000 classmates and faculty from the 60s decade having the time of their lives. Don't miss this next one!

Before we can firm up plans, we need to have all interested grads on board. Hundreds of your classmates have already been located.

Contact: Alison Kaplan Dillworth  Email Address:


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