Andrew Jackson High School 60's Reunion Cruise 2010

March 18, 2010


Hi Skip,

My friend Alison Kaplan, with whom I stayed after our 50th year reunion, is once again working on another Andy Jackson reunion.  She sent me a note and asked if you'd please post this somewhere on the Laurelton site.  Here it is:

Hi Fellow Jacksonite;
Hoping you will get in touch and update or add your current info (please include your class year!) to our database so you will be kept in the loop for our upcoming reunion.  (if you had updated recently, a computer crash cause a loss to a lot of recent data) Also hoping you will pass this info on to any other Jacksonites you might be in touch with (siblings, cousins, friends).  There are hundreds of grads listed from each class year, maybe someone you have been hoping to find out about......

This will mark 10 years since our last reunion so who knows how many more we might have over the years.  Since many at our first AJHS 60s reunion had suggested that it went by much too quickly and thought a longer venue was needed  (...I am sorry that I put the wrong date...) and a 4 day cruise was suggested as a way to give us more time to enjoy each others company.  The date will be March 18, 2010.  It was to be in October 2009 but many were concerned with hurricane season so we pushed the date to the following Spring.  We really wouldn't have enough time to make it for March 2009, that is only about 8 months from now.  There are way too many names to update and this will make it 10 years from our last reunion.  Hopefully nobody had that date booked yet ;-)  I will send out a group email, but if you hear from others, please make the correction.  We will be sailing from Miami to Key West and then Cozumel , a day at sea and return to Miami with 4 days to enjoy our Jackson friends and classmates.  Still working on the details as far as cost (cabins range from $340 - $480 pp) since we have to have deposits in 30 days after booking.  We will keep you posted!  More to follow.

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