Graduates From Laurelton In "The 90's"

Byfield, Natalyea - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1995
Currently living in Rosedale, NY

Grange, Joseph - - Thomas A. Edison Voc. Tech HS - Class of 1991
Currently living in East Northport, NY. Wow...this is amazing. The internet is really well traveled. I grew up in Laurelton in the 70's and loved every minute of it. My family moved to 13301 227 St., right off off Merrick Blvd. I always wanted to know the past/history of the neighborhood and of the schools I attended, (PS 132, PS 134, IS 59 and Thomas A Edison HS.) There are some photos on here of my block way back in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 70s which are amazing. I remember the shoemaker on Merrick Blvd. and i saw my first movie at the Laurelton Cinema with my brother and sister. I also rember going to Zuckerman's Hardware to get supplies for my father's building in Brooklyn. We still own the house and have seen dramatic changes in the town. I hope I can find and read more history about my true home...Laurelton, Queens NY 11413.

White, Patrice - - Francis Lewis H.S. - Class of 1997
Currently living in Laurelton, NY. Laurelton has been for me the best place to live. I love my friends and my family.

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