Graduates From Laurelton In "The 80's"

Alusi, Wilfred - - Anderson High School - Class of 1984
I would love to hear from any of my "old" friends.

Bercow, Jill (Hamilton) - - Pine Bush H.S. (Pine Bush, NY) - Class of 1980
Currently living in Buffalo, NY. I lived in Laurelton from 1969 to 1973, and attended 2nd through 5th grades at PS 156. We moved upstate after that, but some of my happiest childhood memories are of our time in Laurelton.  My best friends were Leona Joseph and Shari Diamond, and I'd love to find them. I'd love to hear from anyone who was in Mrs. Kantor's 2nd grade, Mrs. Jemberee's 3rd grade, Mrs. Schwartz's 4th grade, or Mrs. Freeman's 5th grade class!

Cariddo, David - - Mahopac H.S. - Class of 1981
Currently living in Carmel, NY. I lived at 131-40 Laurelton Parkway until 1974, my Grandparents lived at 131-29 233rd St. As i was reading some of the comments it brought some memories that i kind of forgot about. Im hoping that some people that i were friends with find this site i would really like to hear from them.

Charrington, Grace (Charrington-Amador) - - Brooklyn Tech - Class of 1983 
Currently living in Miami, FL.

Cochran, Cynthia (Richardson) - - Benjamin Cardozo - Class of 1984
Hello all. My name is Cynthia Richardson (Cochran). I attended P.S. 156 from 1972-1978. JHS 231 78-80 and Benjamin Cardozo H.S from 1980-1984. I'm married. I live in Woodbridge, Virginia. I have 5 beautiful children (one deceased). I'm so happy to find this site and hope to reconnect with old friends and teachers.

Cook, Jonathan - no email address listed - P.S.156/Springfield Gardens H.S. for less than a semester, then moved - Class of 1981
Currently living in San Angelo TX . Does anyone remember Mrs. Gemboree? Name probably spelled wrong...she taught 6th grade at P.S 156...she was an African teacher who loved to play a stringed harp-like instrument.

Croskey Lisa (Jenkins) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1982
Currently living in Acworth, GA. This is GREAT! Laurelton was truly a wonderful place to live and I miss it dearly. I moved to Laurelton from Brooklyn in 1975. I attended PS 156 - JHS 231 and Springfield Gardens H.S. where I graduated in 1982. I went to York College (Jamaica, Queens) and Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, GA).  I am married (24yrs.) with two sons (22 yrs. and 17 yrs.) I teach Language Arts in middle school here in Marietta. My generation of "Laureltonians" had the advantage of experiencing the last era of innocence. I remember playing punch ball on the block, playing handball at 156, going to the block parties and the "jams" at Mentone, Burger King and Montebello. NO CARS REQUIRED! We gladly walked it, bussed it or occasionally - trained it. I remember Woolworths, the Milk Farm, Pop and Kims, walking to school in the SNOW! I remember walking to my first job at Alexanders - my boyfriend (now husband) carried me on his back at nights on our way home (he worked there too). I remember knowing all of my neighbors, hanging out on the stoop and yes - getting into more trouble than I would admit to my kids...But it was fun, innocent fun. I remember the DJS - especially the disco crew --Tony T, Freeze, Al. I remember jammin with them in Tony's basement and I occasionally "rocked the mic" at jams and block parties. Peace to all of you from Laurelton and growing up there has made me the person that I am.

Davis, Stewart - - August Martin H.S. - Class of 1982
Currently living in Jamaica, NY. P.S. 156 All-Stars were coached for over 25 years by one of the greatest coaches in the world Barry Gluckin. Some great DJ Crews were in the area from the 1970s through the 1980's, Ultra Sounds, Disco Crew & the Parker Brothers. I was M.C. Stoogie D. Laurelton is where St John's basketball coach Norm Roberts called home.

Dobbins, Gail - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1983
From Laurelton, currently living in Rosedale, NY.

Faulding, Karen (Faulding-Sorlie) - - Norman Thomas H.S. - Class of 1984
Currently living in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Gallagher, Carolyn - - Martin Van Buren H.S. - Class of 1984
Currently living in Land O Lakes, FL. Hello fellow Laurelton Alumni. I was born in Laurelton in 1966 and lived there until 1990. I do recall some nice memories there such as the Itch movie theater on Merrick Road, Walking to Green Acres, Woolworth, the Bike shop, the Pizzaria on Merrick road. I recall after school going to the candy store on Merrick road and buying a candy necklace, whisle pop or maybe some Razzle Dazzles. I see someone also mentioned going to Sam and Ollies. I grew up directly across the street from their house. They had two kids, Oran and Nowie (sp). I haven't seen or heard from them in so many years.

I was wondering if anyone here remembers Ricky, the paperboy. I don't recall his last name and I never knew his family. I've wondered from time-to-time where his family is. If anyone here can provide further information about this, please contact me.

I began school at St. Mary Madeline Catholic School. My brothers used to hang out with Ricky, which was something else considering we're Causasian and the color barrier was much more divided back then. Of all their friends, Ricky was the friendliest toward me. I most remember him straddling his bike, hanging on our fence, talking to everyone. He alway had something nice to say when I came along. Sadly, one day while on his paper route, Ricky was struck and killed by a motorist; he was only 11 years old. I don't know the exact details but as a 6 year old, that was when I learned what death was.

Gold, Emanuel (Manny) - -  Aventura, FL - Class of 1983

Goodman, Robert - - Seaford H.S. - Class of 1980
Currently living in Woodstock, GA.

Greenfield, Mike - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1983
Greetings to every one that was from Laurelton and those that currently reside in the tri community area. My name is Mike Gee I used to reside at 131-29 224th Street from 1968 till 2002. I have fond memories of Laurelton I'd like to share.

1st starting way back lets discuss the street signs ....every borough had their own color. For instance, Queens was sky blue lettering on a white background, Brooklyn was white lettering on a black background, the Bronx was white lettering with a navy blue background, Staten Island was also the same as the Bronx....and finally Manhattan had black letters on a yellow background.

Kids were practicing martial arts from watching Green Hornet & Kato....The Laurelton Movie theatre on Merrick Blvd. between 227th Street & 228th street was showing Enter The Dragon our 1st introduction to the legendary Bruce Lee.

Now & Laters were in...along with the charm blow pops....I had many cavities...the only dentist was Dr. Tesch around the corner from Key Food on 225th street and across the street from "Dadums" which was a bar my pops frequented, and Dr. William Mittler on 233rd street who was a orthodontist who gave me braces with color coded rubber bands. Yuck!!!

Remember Milk Farm, Stanley's store on the corner of 230th Strret and Merrick, Woolworth, the Jewish shops which was where Burger King was on Merrick and Franny Lew. The only 3 banks we had in Laurelton was National Bank of North America on 232nd Street and Merrick and also on Merrick and Springfield Blvds., and Ridgewood Savings Bank on Franny Lew and Merrick Blvds.

Also remember the djs in LA queens....Ultra Sound dj baby d, eddie ed, ultimate sounds, funk machine, disco crew my homie stromies from 233rd Street DJ Tony T, Easy Al, MC Freeze and the fellahs.

I remember the 1st hamburger spot in Queens.....Benson Burgers where Allen Ame church is on Merrick and Linden Blvd..

The 1st disco the fantasia, bg manor and hollis night fever disco on hollis ave and 201st street. I also remember grafitti in laurelton....SEX 131, LIL TEX 131, Freeze 5, Maco and Dan 3.

The block parties in la was the best!!!!! we rocked IS 231, Mentone Park, Burger king on merrick and francis lewis blvds every monday or tuesday in the summer time.

Remember the old sunoco gas statios which was turned into churches fried chicken....which is now owned by tanner electric corp.    Awww man I could go on and on but I wont.

ok 3 last things

1 the planes would fly over us all the time.

the best meals were at peter gus and george which is now usa diner.

twin ponds bakery across from consumers super market they had the best chocolate eclairs and linzer tarts.

ok that's enough I'm signing off.

Peace.....mike g

Gurley, Sonsare - - Cardozo H.S. - Class of 1983
I'm a native Queens New Yorker. We moved to Laurelton from Hollis in Aug 1971 from 201st Hollis to 235rd st Laurelton As kids at first we hated it because it was sooo quiet but we soon came to love it. I went to PS 176 and IS 59 class of 1977 and 1980 respectively. I graduated from Cardozo in 1983 I still live in the community in Rosedale but my heart will always be for Laurelton.

Howell, Denise - - Stuyvesant H.S. - Class of 1981
Currently living in Brooklyn, NY

Kashinsky, Suzanne (Klein) - - Hewlett High School - Class of 1980
Currently living in Sterling, VA. My family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, mother, father, brothers) lived in Laurelton from 1948 till 1974. We all lived on 228th St. (block of Laurelton Jewish Center) in three different houses that my grandfather built. All of us went to P.S. 156 and most went to Springfield Gardens H.S.. My brothers were active in every activity offered in Laurelton and our house was always filled with lots of kids and their parents. My family moved away before I entered high school. My family were big outside stoop sitters and would talk to everyone who passed by. Because we lived on the block of the Jewish Center, Saturdays and high holy days were big social events in front of our house. Even though my family moved away when I was 13, I still remember everything about growing up in Laurelton.

Kitzen, Andrew - - Huntington H.S. - Class of 1982
Currently living in Huntington, NY. I lived in Laurelton with my family from 1964 thru 1979.

Liggons, Gary - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1981
Wow, what memories. I did not want to leave Brooklyn. I was 8 years old and the gangs in Brooklyn started getting wild! The Brooklyn Chapter of the Tomahawks were recruiting, and you would hear the call go out “SCUN-YUN”! That means that you were the next cat on the beat down list! They almost caught Roderick's brother Mark, but he was a track star at the age of 12 (too fast)! My mom said “that is it; we are getting out of Brooklyn”! My brother and I said “Laurelton! Where is Laurelton”! It was 1971 and we were on our way down Linden Blvd. pass Times Square store toward the Belt Parkway. I started at PS 156 in 4th grade. Leroy Hayden was in my class. My friends, when I first moved out to Laurelton, were Steven Distafano, Ely Ponaman, Mark Goldstein, and Rickey Emory. I remember going to the candy store near Mentone Ave. Stanley’s store on Merrick is were we would get the news papers on Sunday. Someone said they were afraid of Stanley’s dog...he was blind in one eye. That dog could not bite you if he wanted I remember the Chinese Restaurant on 232nd Street. I remember Chicken Delight where we could get a bag of french fries in a brown paper bag for 75 cents. Going to the Flea Market on Saturdays and buying AFX cars to race at Junior’s house on 231st. The movies on 228th Street were the bomb. We would go to the movies at 12:00 p.m. and stay all day. Me, my brother, Rickey, Stacy, Leroy Monroe, his sister Michelle, and Charlene; went to see "Three the Hard Way", "Enter the Dragon", The Fist of Fury", and the Chinese Connection", and “BLACK BELT JONES”! If you tell me that you did not have Nunchucks back in those days I will tell you you’re lying!!! I remember hanging out in front of Kim’s store drinking Old English beer….HOW did I drink that malted GAS?! I remember going to the Six Plex and sneaking into all of the movies. We went to the Six Plex one week and to 42nd street the next. We saw all of the Kung Fu movies on the deuce! I remember racing AFX cars every day in the summer until the young ladies became a better hobby. By the way I still have some of my old AFX cars. The cars are worth a lot of money on eBay now. I should have graduated Springfield in 1981 but I got into too much trouble. My mom moved me to Florida were I got my diploma from Sun Coast HS in Palm Beach. I still clam SGHS my school and 1981 my graduation year. Now...since Lisa and Mike did not give full props to the DJ crews in LA let me put it down for you. Ultra Sounds by far had the best equipment in LA! The Parker Brothers the best sound technicians and mixers around. Tracy and Manny Park were nice on both the turntables and sound systems. Tony T could mix on the ones and twos; Chucky Chuck was an MC who could rock the mike from 12:00 p.m. till 12:00 a.m. non stop. Kenny Wilder could mix as well. I forgot the name of the he crew that my boy Chris Cook was down with, but Chris and Al were good too. The crews close to Spring Field Blvd. were good too. There was DJ BO who did the 217th Street parties. I remember a crew called T-connection also who were really good. The late 80s were the time that Robert, Ronald, and Carlos came out with a bad sound system. I do not remember what name they went by, oh wait they took our name when we stopped doing parties. Ultimate Sounds was the DJ crew I was with. DJ Kool Kev, DJ Doctor Cuts, DJ ICE, DJ Lonnie B. and Me DJ Magic. We had the thing that nobody else had, Bronx connections. We traveled up to the Bronx and Harlem for parties almost every week. We brought the B-Boy sound back to Queens. My brother and I rocked 231 Park when we sang "Yes we Can"! I remember rocking the BG Mannor and Mentone Park. I put the records Disco Duck and Apache together and did damage!!! Growing up in LA was the bomb! I did not want to leave East NY Brooklyn, but when I look back at it now I would not change a thing! My mom died in 1997. My dad still lives on 135th ave and Francis Lewis next to the Ponemon’s old house. The Ponemon’s had the best basketball hoop/hockey arena in Laurelton! Because of the Order of the Feather Frat I am still in touch with Harry, Lonnie, Mark, Roderick and all of my brothers from Rochdale. Check out the web site ( When I ride through LA I still stop on 231st street to speak to my homeboys Stacy, Vaughn, Anthony and the rest of the 1st street cats. I am still living in Queens (Saint Albans) today. I got married in 1985 to a country girl from South Jersey. We have 2 boys and 3 girls. I am also a grandfather. Yes my 1 year old granddaughter is spoiled! I am glad to be from Laurelton!


Lynch, Howard - - Forest Hills H.S. - Class of 1982
Currently living in Temecula, CA.

Lynch, Lorraine - - Forest Hills H.S. - Class of 1984
Currently living in Fort Washington, MD. Website:

Marquez, Edwin - - Martin Van Buren H.S. - Class of 1980
Currently living in Palm Beach, FL. I moved to Laurelton in 1965....131/227st. it was very country like. I remember Stanley's, 230st Merrick. Stanley died in that store-fire!! Across from that was A&P Supermarket, Bohacks was on 222st, Ideal Toys was on Jamaica Ave. and 178st, Esquire Shoe Shine Products were made on Merrick in St. Albans, I think Springfield. I was a paper boy and the L.I. Press distribution was on Francis Lewis Blvd., across from the Ridgewood Savings Bank, Martin Paints,The Bicycle Shop on 233st and Merrick, Master-Shin Karate on 232st, Mike's Meat Market 219st, Sunoco Gas on Peter & Paul Diner on 228st, French Cleaners 229st, First National Bank on 232st. I lived in the Laurelton Theater and Zickerman Hardware Store; next to that was a supermarket (I can't recall the name but it was Kosher) and around the corner was the Chinese Laundry where you can wear your shirt for the whole year with that "Starch" lol...Wonderful site Skip!!!

Marriott, Terence - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1986
Currently living in Wheatley Heights, NY

Maxwell, Carlos - – Springfield Gardens H.S. – Class of 1982
Currently living in Osceola, FL. Went to PS 156...class of 76...went to both IS 231 and the annex at PS38 in Rosedale...then to Springfield for a year and half before moving to Florida....used to play basketball at the Synagogue and played CYO basketball at St. Clare's and Christ the King school.

McKnight, Mili - - August Martin H.S. - Class of 1981
Currently living in Hollis, NY.

Miles, Angelique - - The Mary Louis Academy - Class of 1984
My family moved to Laurelton when I was four years old in the summer of 1970, just a few months before my baby brother was born. I grew up on 227th Street between 135th & 137th Avenues, where my parents still live. I remember: the movie theater on 227th and Merrick and catching Bruce Lee/Pam Grier double dad taking us to dinner at the chinese restaurant on 232nd? st or Cooky's Steak Pub in Valley Stream...the old McDonald's with the golden arches on Merrick and Brookville...Rosedale Lanes...Green Acres drive-in movie theatre...taking the Q5 to go shopping on Jamaica first job at Alexander's Department Store in the fine jewelry (ha!) best friends Gina Trice (226th st) and Sandra Singleton (137th Avenue)...being a little girl and going to Key Food for my mom and noone bothered me...playing handball at 156...Mrs. Robinson, my kindergarten teacher at 156...Sr. Rose Ellen my first grade teacher at St. Clare's...1st through 8th grade at St. Clare's...Mrs. Barra, my eighth grade teacher..having a slice of pizza after school at Columbia Pizza on Merrick and Francis Lewis...wishing I could go to Springfield Gardens High School, but my parents wouldn't let me..High School at THE Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates...the Milk Farm when it was African-American run and owned...Woolworth's on mom buying my first 45 (Rockin' Robin by the Jackson Five) from the store our neighbors across the street, the DeCarmines mother and I walking to Laurelton Library practically every day...playing punchball outside of our house and using two manholes, a sewer and a tree as natural older brother teaching me to ride my bike on 135th Avenue (yikes!)...going to every single block party during the summer...Gina's big sister Tinka starting a Laurelton Researchers Club where we researched the history of Laurelton...Marder's Pharmacy (they now run the Duane Reade on Merrick)...Zickerman's Hardware hung in there for a long time...Twin Ponds Bakery...the Everything store...I have too many memories to list here. As I said before, my parents still live in Laurelton going on 37 years now. After going off to college in Virginia in 1984, living in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn and in Fort Lee, NJ, I finally settled in the Mill Brook section of Valley Stream (old Green Acres), so I basically moved back home!!! I love Long Island, especially in the summer. Laurelton went through a rough patch during the crack epidemic of the 1980's, but the people fought back and the community has rebounded. Laurelton is still a thriving, nicely kept middle-class neighborhood. Huge stores like Home Depot, Target, Walmart and Pathmark are sprouting up and unfortunatey there's not really a place for the bakeries, hardware stores and pharmacies of old Laurelton.

Serrette, Michelle (Marriott) - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1986
Currently living in Wheatley Heights, NY. Graduated from PS 156 in 1980 and from IS 59 in 1982. If there are any old classmates out there, give me a holla.

Skinner, Pamela - - Brooklyn Tech H.S. - Class of 1980
Currently living in Holliswood, NY

Small, Courtney  (Francis) - - Northfield Mt. Hermon School - Class of 1983
Currently living in Chicago, IL.  My family moved to Laurelton from Staten Island when I was 2 (which was in 1967) and moved from Laurelton to Roosevelt Island, NYC in 1977. It was me, my sister Kirsten (four years younger) and my parents. I really do treasure those memories of my childhood in Laurelton. It was an ideal neighborhood, and I have not found something similar since then. We lived at 131-31 226th Street, and when we moved, I had just finished 6th grade at I.S. 59, where I received a quality education that was comparable to some high quality private schools.

My memories of Laurelton include the following: watching the boys play skelly on the street, playing hopscotch and double dutch until the street lights came on...relay races...finally being allowed to walk ALL THE WAY to Key Food by myself...The bakery on Merrick that sold the cupcakes with the real sweet and fluffy frosting...going with dad to see my first movie at the movie theatre on Merrick (I think it was Yellow Submarine or the I Love Lucy movie???)...going to Nickerson's Nursery on Merrick with mom so she could buy plants and bulbs...walking to Zickerman's hardware or that children's clothing store that was on Merrick near Francis Lewis (Saks Fifth Avenue quality clothing and Danskins!)...the scent of the honey suckle flowers that grew in the alleys...the library on 225th street that mom took us to almost every week....and the Jamaica Library to use their card catalog for big research projects (and the 35 cent bus fare that got you there)...the weekly trek with mom, dad and sibling to the dairy store called GOUZ Rhymes with Cows...

Walking to the Green Acres mall with friends because you wanted to save the bus fare to buy that new glitter based nailpolish....the beautiful wooden floors in Woolworth's on Merrick...the army of hard working civil servants and other professional parents who marched to their respective jobs everyday...chinese handball...american handball...flies hair...sitting on the front or dad chasing teenagers who had committed the most serious crime we saw in those days: graffiti writing or stealing a bicycle...the stout man who sold pretzels in the school yard at IS 59...those ugly green gym uniforms we had to wear at IS 59...most everyone then had some roots down south, and some would even go down south in the summer...reading Judy Blume was considered risque...stopping at Sam and Ollie's candy store on the way home from school..."calling on your friend" by ringing their doorbell, as compared with nowadays when we plan playdates for our children....and this list can go on and on. Thanks for this site, Skip.

Spence, Judith (Spence-Wills) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1980
Still living in Laurelton, NY! Hello to all and what a great idea! For those who might not remember The Spence Family, we were the first Black Jewish Family in Laurelton and attended The Laurelton Jewish Center. We have so many great memories growing up on 225th St. in Laurelton, hope to hear from some long lost friends!

Spence, Reginald - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1988
Currently living in West Orange, NJ. I just would like to say that I attended the Isaha Day School (Laurelton Jewish Center) and Brandeis in Lawrence in the 70s. I found this site searching for Bob Beamon, the guy that broke the world record for the long jump during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. So here I am to say Laurelton will always be my home town.

Swygert, Omar - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1989
Currently living in Huntsville, AL. I am elated to find pictures of the "good ol'days" in Laurelton. My family moved from Brooklyn to Laurelton in 1974. It was a grand community back then, I grew up between 228 and 229th on 139th ave. I remember my aunt Doris taking me to the Laurelton Theatre all of the time. My mother and I would always visit Woolworth's on 228th street and when I was able to walk to school, I would stop in there and by all types of good candy. Dad seemed to live in Zickerman's and my friend Patrick's mother was a baker at Twin Ponds Bakery, they had the best cakes around. I would walk home from PS 38 and cross the bridge and smell those nice cakes being baked and my mouth would just water. I remember the butcher shop (Cows and Sows) on Merrick Blvd. and 230th St. They had the best sausage in town and nice slab bacon that you just cant find anymore. All of the neighbors were family oriented and everybody moved like herds of cow to the LIRR station early in the morning, I still see Dad leaving for work early in the morning walking to the train station and I would wait for him to come back walking up from 229th St. or 228th, but mainly 229th St. My first friends were Gordon Newton, Steven Barr, Corey Bart, Deborah Cook and Sabrina Mims, Toni Marshall. I miss Columbia Corner Pizza something awful, but thank God J&S is still alive and kicking. I still remember the drive in movie theater at Green Acres and the big flea market rush on a Saturday Morning.

Or what about Alexander's Dept. store or Pearl Visions off of Hook Creek Blvd. We still have the family photo hanging on the wall that we took at Gordon's Photo Studio on 227th and Merrick Blvd. on the corner. Milk Farm is always a classic area for me at home that has been there since I first came to Laurelton. I still remember the Tavern across the street from Milk Farm, all the old men would go and get a good drink in there. I would peep in and look and get pushed out (laughing out loud). Anyway Thank God for this site and I will make a donation in the near future. God Bless, by the way my mom still lives there God is good all of the time.

Wilkinson, Brenda (Melvin) - - August Martin H.S. - Class of 1983
Living in Arlington, VA. I have fond memories of my childhood and early post-college years in Laurelton (234th St & 129th Avenue). Although I left NYC over ten years ago, Laurelton/Queens will always be home!

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