Graduates From Laurelton In "The 70's"

Adler, Arnie - - Elmont Memorial H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in the Bronx, NY.   Website:

Adler, Janet (Conti) - - The Highland School - Class of 1971
Currently living in Niskayuna, NY. I would love to hear from old friends from 222nd Street.

Agin, Gary - - GED - Class of 1974
I used to live at 137 -14 228th St. from 63-74, and from 58-63, the other side of Merrick Bllvd., fourth or fifth house from the church .

Angel, Rita - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Beverly Hills, CA. Laurelton, just the idea of it, stirs up such a mixture of emotions. It is the place I grew up - with 5 siblings (moved in:1955, left 1977).In those years, it went from being the greatest of places to live to nearly a ghetto in the late 70's and shaped who I became. The small town feel of it was so amazing in the 60's...and I had incredible experiences and good friends, but then in the 70's that all changed, and gangs tried to burn our home down and just walking on Merrick became unsafe. I want to remember those early years when Laurelton was at its heyday and the love of the 50's and 60's was very present on the streets where I lived. I lived right at 225th & Merrick, yes - next to the Chinese Restaurant that everyone knew. Ah - those were some good times. If you remember me, email...would be nice to compare stories.

Antell, Gerry - - Baldwin H.S. - Class of 1976
Hey everyone....I lived on 230th, 2 blocks away from Merrick and Stanley's (Irving Rausch for those who really knew who Stanley was). PS 156: 1966-1970 IS 59: 1970-73...moved to Baldwin in Jan. '74. Best memories of my childhood are from Laurelton....great place to grow up, hop on your bike, play punchball in the street and yell "CAR" every 5 minutes. Currently living in Scarsdale, NY.

Antin, Bernard - - Yeshiva of Greater Washington - Class of 1975
I'm currently living in Southfield, MI. We lived at 130 35 225th St. My parents purchased their first house in 1956 for $14 or $16k I was born in 1958 and brother in Dec. 1959. I did not go to public school but attended Yeshiva of Central Queens and 9th grade Yeshiva HS of Queens. We left in 1972 for Silver Spring, MD where Mom and Dad, May they live and be well till 120 still are.
Short version after graduating in 1975 I returned to attend Yeshiva in Forest Hills and later the Lower East Side, obtain a degree in Counseling in 1983 from LIU, Ordination as an Orthodox Rabbi in 1984 and taught at Topuro College till 1991, a year in Cincinnati, OH then to my wife's hometown, Detroit MI, where we live currently. Along the way got married in 1983 and began my second career as an attorney with Law School in 1993 and entering the profession in 1997 and been practicing ever since.

OK, Laurelton was a place in the 1960s that one does not see often anymore; a small town feel within an urban setting all the stores folks mentioned like Tony's barbershop or Zickermann's or our neighbors who owned GOOD FOOD on Merrick. Who could forget Stanly's! {I was so afraid of his dog} Or the ride in Woolworth or name the store {except maybe the bar on the corner of 226th and Merrick} and memories flood in. The business owner all knew your parents and therefore you did not dare pull anything and catch heck back at home. My parents first went to the Jewish Community House but latter switched to Laurelton Jewish Center where I joined Troop 225 and had my Bar Mitzvah in Jan 1971. Playing in the street dodging vehicles etc., stuff my Michigan nieces and
nephews cannot relate to. Laurelton has undoubtedly changed and may never be again but as long those of us who remember Laurelton of our childhood still lives and thrives.

Atlas, Francine (Bogdanoff) - - Would have gone to Springfield Gardens - Class of 1973
Currently living in New York, NY. I attended PS 156, JHS 59 and then went to Springfield Gardens HS - I left at the end of 9th grade when my family had to move (we had a fire in our home that destroyed it - we lived at 137-38 225th St). Any old friends out there?

Atlas Larry - - Lawence H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Roslyn Heights, NY. Attended PS 156, then The Isaish Day School (housed at LJC) Moved to North Woodmere, NY in 1973 and continued at The Brandeis School in Lawrence for 9th and 10th Grade. Graduated from Lawrence HS in 1976. Attended Queens College. Due to poor health and the sudden passing of my father (David) in 1981, finished school and worked for Atlas Floral Decorators, Inc. as Chairman/CEO until retiring in 2005 again to poor heallth. Married in 1998 to Marcia Sclushelberg (from Fresh Meadows) living in Coral Springs, FL. Moved to Roslyn Heights, LI with her two daughters; Arielle, 20 and Chelsea, 17. Have been very busy since retirig from business. Active in our synagogue in Roslyn, attend classes at CW Post (Hutton House Lecture Series) and local East Hills JCC. Have had contact with Jeff and Howie Borowick, Scott Zecher and Joel Katz. We spend the winters in Pompano Beach, Fl.. My most special memories of Laurelton were the close-knit and very special community, the LJC, Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball and Basketball in my backyard, where my friends were the "Starting-Five" for the "NY Knicks!" I have met Rabbi Barry Konovitch from the LJC in Florida. Does anyone remember him, 6ft 4 inches, stunning, red Corvette and motorcycle and stunning wife! My cousins, Allan Atlas, Francine Atlas, Robin Atlas, Elliot and Elise Atlas are all in NY except Allan who hs been in Fl. for nearly 30 years! My other cousins, Allen, Lynn and Wendy Atlas are all spread across the USA.

Atlas, Wendy (Sawyer) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Chandler, AZ. Does anyone really know what happened to Roberta Deutsch?

Barouch, Jeffrey - - Springfield Gardens, H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Mevasserret Tzion, Israel.  Glad to be aboard. This is a wonderful site, and keeps me linked to my precious years in Laurelton.  Thanks Skip

Baruch, Elisa (Malkman) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
I lived in Laurelton from 1952 till I left in 1974 and moved to Richmond, VA (where we currently live) with my husband Rich. (also a Laurelton guy). We have 2 daughter. I had a sister Barbara and a brother Alan. I was lucky to have my whole extended family live in Laurelton too. I lived at 135-19 228th Street. My "hangouts" changed from year to year. We started at the Library, then moved to the the "dog house" then Burt and Dave's. When we were able to drive we hung out at the bowling alley in Green Acres. Growing up in Laurelton was wonderful. This past year Rich and I went back to our old houses. If anyone has some memories to share with me please email me. I would love to hear from you. Elisa

Basher, Richard - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently live in my own (paid off) 2 bedroom condominium, in Ft. Lauderdale, on the 4th floor of a 5-story building, with a wonderful view of a man made lake, which meanders all the way to the Everglades. Sometimes on a crystal clear night from my terrace, one could have sight, (via the moon light shinning on that man made lake) of an alligator chomping on a scrumptious duck dinner (or someone's pet). Work for Department of Homeland Security U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Miami, FL.

Bauman, Ann - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Potomac, MD.

Beckerman, Sheri (Weisz) - - H.S. of Art and Design - Class of 1972
Currently living on Long Island. I began P.S. 156 in kindergarten with Mrs. Robinson and graduated from Mrs. Marjorie Nicholas' fifth grade class in 1965. My favorite teachers at I.S. 59 were Mrs. Josephine Green, for science, and Mr. James C. Morris, an extraordinary English teacher. Mrs. Green made science fun and Mr. Morris turned me on to writing - and making puns. I lived on 231st street from 1959 until 1972 when my family moved to Flushing. I remember being a "walker" in P.S. 156. And living walking distance from the Laurelton Library, too. I remember walking to Green Acres shopping center on Memorial Day while I was in high school and all the stores were closed for the holiday, but the movie theater was open so I went to see the Beatles movie Let It Be. I will always remember the teachers' strikes - a short one when I was in the 7sp class and an extended one at the beginning of the 9sp. That was a life altering experience.

The friends I remember best from P.S. 156 and/or I.S. 59 are Helene Englander, Shelly Passo, Jody Book, Adrienne Taylor, and Kathleen Kelly. Other Laurelton-ites I've run into in recent years are Sharon Zeleznik and Linda Chorust.

Behar, Richard - - Graduated from H.S. in Florida - Class of 1979
I lived in Laurelton from August 1966 till September 1972. I went to PS 176 from kindergarten till 5th Grade. My address was 128-66 238 St. What fun years those were! Sled riding in the winter from the side of the bridge that took you over the Belt Parkway into Nassau County. Green Acres Shopping Center for shopping and Friendly's Ice Cream Shop. I'm sure I am much younger than most here on this site but many can relate how nice it was growing up in Laurelton.

Bellis, Glenda - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Voorhees NJ. Just found about this website; it is wonderful. Laurelton was the best place to live, so many wonderful memories.

Berger, David - - Valley Stream North H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Port Jefferson Station, NY. Went to PS176 and IS59. Would have graduated Jackson in 1973 but moved to Valley Stream in 1969. Older brothers Charles (Jackson 1967) and Renny (Warren) . Lived on 125th St. and Francis Lewis. Lots of stickball. Lots of trouble at LJC with Johnny Drexler, ended up we weren't allowed there at the same time! My memory's shot but some names from the past, Paul Klaidman, Susan Resnick, Bobby Horowitz, Bobby Rigsby, My cousin Kenny Kaplan (moved to Jersey early), Carol Strom, Abbey Gotbaum, Hank Greenberg, Ernie Lay, Jay Kates are familiar. 125th St.was a great block to grow as boy, Played sports all day long until Mom opened up the door and yelled "dinner time". Parents never knew where we were and never worried about it. Times have changed!

Berger, Robert - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Growing up in Laurelton was full of memories....

Berkowitz, David - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently residing in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

Bialstock, Harriet (Dorfman) - - Half Hollow Hills East H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently residing in Oyster Bay, NY

Blenner, Chuck - - Stuyvesant H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Jackson, NJ. Looking for classmates from I.S. 59, 1970-72.

Blumberg, Michael - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Rockville, MD. I was one of those kids who actually lived in Rosedale but was bused to P.S. 156. I, like everyone else, have great memories of the good ole days. Our teachers, the school yard and Merrick Rd. Carmine's Pizza and the movie theatre. My three best friends to this day are my Laurelton and Rosedale buddies I grew up with. That's a fifty year friendship. Hello to all.

Blumenthal, Andrew - - Benjamin N. Cardozo H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Wolvertem, Belgium

Brack, Ron - - Commack High School North - Class of 1974
Currently living in East Northport, NY. My parents, my 3 brothers and I lived in Laurelton, 135-04 228 St. from 1960-1969. We attended PS 156, IS 59 and my brothers went to Jackson High and the new Springfield Gardens High School. When we moved to Long Island, I was still to young to go to high school. Lauelton was a fanastic place to grew up. We lived 2 blocks from the school yard, always a game to be had. 2 blocks from Merrick Rd., were anything could be had. Our neighborhood was surrounded by kids and friends everywhere. One was never lonely for company. Some of my friends were Gene Modest (RIP), Kenny Schwartz, Billy Gazerro, Hank Greenberg, Todd Herold, Marila Malkman, and many more, I am sorry, I just don't have a very good memory. But I do remember that Laurelton was the happiest part of my childhood. Thanks for the site.

Brautman, Beth (Berman) - - Baldwin H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Setauket, NY. What a great childhood I had in Laurelton! I speak often to my "oldest best friend" Robin Fader. Would love to hear from my old pals. -Beth

Bravin, Renee  (Courage) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. Class of 1971
Need to hear from more graduates of SGHS Class of 1971.

Bridges, Michael - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Hello all graduates of 1972. I'm currently living in Somerset, NJ. Great to see a site up for the school. Anyone know the whereabouts of Vassana Lightly? Please tell her to contact thru my email. Thanks.

Brown, Eric - - Forest Hills H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently residing in Valley Stream, NY. Lived with Grandma and Grandpa at 130-11 229th St. from 1964-1966, but always visited before and after. Went to PS 156 for 5th and 6th grade, and JHS 159 for 6 months before moving to Kew Gardens. Born in 1953. My brother, Jordan is 4 years younger.

Bruckenthal, Steven or - JHS 59 - Class of 1971 - Cardozo H.S. - Class of 1974

Skip,  What a pleasure to find this gem of a site. Born, raised and schooled in Cambria Heights, 120-19 225 Street, I graduated PS 176 in 1968. But life did not really start until I went to IS 59 (when we started it still was JHS 59), and I met the residents of Laurelton, that turned into the friends and people that have molded me into the person that I am today.

Throughout my life, people tell me about the friends that they made in high school, or relationships forged in college. When I tell the stories of my adolescence, I tell the tales of Laurelton. Basketball, dancing (grinding) , stick ball, drinking (sorry mom), football at Alley Pond Park, sneaking through windows, (sorry to all the dads who now have daughters).

Cambria Heights, had great friends and great relatives. The 5 Bruckenthal/Kleidman BOYS...My brother Eric (Ric), the elder statesman of the clad, was 3 1/2 years my senior. The first in the family to wear the colors (Officer) of the school crossing guards, does it surprise any of us, that he is today the Chief of Police in Suffolk County. And all the boys followed in his foot steps, well as crossing guards and officers at least. Paul, Carl and Larry (Yogi) Kleidman, our three-first cousins, raised 4 houses down, all went through PS 176 and JHS/IS 59. I was right there in the middle of group...Cambria was the world to me...But then came 59!

Was I book smart, or as I insist, were the challenges of 59 more about getting us out alive...7SP2 and 9SP2 came calling...What did I know, I answered...What evolved were best friends, best romances, best experiences....We were black, we were white. We were Jewish, we were Catholics. We were male we were female. We would ride our bikes from Cambria Heights, the three miles to 156 and spend the day until the sun was long past gone in Laurelton. Our parents didn't know where we were, it was a time before cell phones, before concerns of what could happen, we were naive, and we were so very happy. First kisses, first sips, first of many things.
The summer of 1971, the year that we graduated from IS 59, a great year. A better summer...But what happened. I come home from camp, and it was a changed environment. Where did everyone go??? It was as if, all of my friends had moved away in two months...It was, as we know now, but in 1971 I had no idea, Andrew Jackson, and Springfield Gardens High Schools, were looming, and most of our parents had other ideas. Thus, the WHITE FLIGHT, that ended best times of my life. My Jackson career ended before it started, private school called, and soon we too took flight.

I go back to the old neighborhood, and think about the best times, the best friends, best girl friends. Where are they now...You try to stay in touch, a visit on the weekend, a college weekend, but we all went our separate ways. Other then my family, I have lost you all...Well except Chris Policano, who we've been trying to lose for years! Where are you now, my best friends, my allies, my partners in crime and sport. My true loves! I hope that life has been great to you all, and that my worse fears (you know who you are) did not come true! This will be in alphabetical order, but you know where you really stand on the list! This is even more appropriate that I write to you today. Today, my son, turns 14. He too has just ended his Middle School years, and as he enters high school, I see and I know, that his friends will be with him for life. I am so jealous!

David Abrams, Eric Alperin, Lori Chozick, Mindy Chozick, J.Scott Chroman, Gary Eisenberg, Paul Ehrlich, Susan Feilich, Andrea Friedman, Hank Greenberg, Laura Glass, Godfrey Headley, Jane Hockman, Jody Kleinman, Andre Kloetz, Andy Krugman, Keith Lyons, Amy Margolis, Rhoda Meserole, Michael Moskowitz, Wendy Orshan, Kenny Perlmutter, Michael Rauch, Mona Rosenberg, Carolyn Russoff, Elaine Salerno, Wendy Spero, David Zuber

Steven Bruckenthal Email Address:   IS 59  Class of 71

Buchanan, Alexander - - Bowne H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Savannah, GA.

Chaison, Sandra (Chaison-Kaye) - - Saguaro H.S. (Tucson, AZ) - Class of 1970
I attended PS 156 K-6 grades, "graduating" in 1964. We moved to the Wild West of Arizona, and I have lived in the west ever since. There is still a kernel of the New York girl buried deep, and once in awhile it shows up!

Chasin, Steven - - Herricks H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Manhasset, NY. My good Laurelton memories and friends are too many to mention. Our family moved from Laurelton in 1969. I graduated from P.S 176 and JHS 59. If you remember me, I'd really like to hear from you.

Chorost, Barbara (Pace) - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently retired in Florida (The Villages) and loving it.

Chorost, Linda (Jankowitz) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
It is great reading all about Laurelton. I lived on 227 St. and 135 Ave. My father had an upholstery store on Merrick Rd. next door to the barber shop. I went to P.S. 156; I.S.59 and went to Springfield Gardens H.S. for 2 years until we moved to Bayside. Some of my friends names were Trudy (I don't remember her last name) and Lauren Thurm. I would love to know what happen to Sandy Levin, The Silvermans. My friend Merri who lived next door from me in Laurelton, now lives in the same area as me. I remember Pam Shapiro, Mark Eisenberg (I had his mom for a teacher).  I wonder what ever happened to Rita Frank. I remember the year of the teachers strike and we had classes in someone's house.

Chozick, Lori - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Clement, Ronald - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Charlotte , NC

Cohen, Amy (Eskenas) - - Northport High School - Class of 1976
Currently living in Calimesa, CA.

Cohen, Lori - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in East Northport, NY. I have only good memories of P.S.156, Tri-Community jhs 231, and of course, SGHS. I have old yearbooks and even diaries from my teenage years in Laurelton and Rosedale which I have actually shared with my students--the best English/social studies lessons ever! I keep in touch with a very special handful of people from my childhood. Thanks to all of you who create these web sites!

Cohen, Louis - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Holtsville, NY.

Cohen, Rebecca (Phillips) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Great Neck, NY. It’s great to be a part of this site-feels like a part of history. Thanks. So many familiar names and faces-I remember them better than people I met last week. I think Stanley’s dog has made me shy away from German shepherds forever. You may know me better for my mom, Mrs. Cohen, math teacher at JHS 59- or my sister Louisa Cohen (Jackson ’68) who passed away about 7 years ago. Some of the late 60’s posting were also familiar names as her cohorts. Since I am local, I can tell you that the LJC is now a church-but the Jewish star remains. I wonder if all those “secret passageways” are still there. Would love to hear from people. Life overall has been pretty good-great family-3 grown kids- working as a legal nurse consultant.

Columbo, Greg - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1975
JHS59 class of 1971 and Andrew Jackson High School, class of 1975. Now residing in Palm Harbor, FL and Hiawassee, GA.

Columbo Richard - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Brandon, FL.

Cowen, Ron - - William Cullen Bryant H.S. - Class of 1974 - Updated June, 2012
Currently living in Silver Spring , MD. This is Ron Cowen, then known as Ronald Cowen, who lived in Laurelton from birth through 1970. Lived at 226-41 129th Ave , just beyond the "circle" at 226 and 129th ave. Sister is Elaine Cowen, four years older, who graduated from Andrew Jackson. We both went to P.S. 132 (I graduated P.S. 132 in 1968) and went on to J.H. 59. Classmates at P.S. 132 and J.H. 59 included Stuart Bitterman, Albert Grant, Ronald Clement, Gary Rosenblatt, Keith Rosen, Beryl Leonard, Malcom Major, Robin Ugelow, Bruce Mogul (or Mogle), Robert Schless. Contact me at Am now a science reporter writing for The New York Times, Scientific American, U.S. News & World Report and National Geographic.   Website:

Cutler, Laurie (Carasso) -  - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Revere, MA.

Davis, Janet (Nidetch) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Parkland, FL.

Delson, Jonathan - - Springfield Gardens H.S. /Henley School - Class of 1971
I grew up at 138-31 229th Street, with brother Marty, and sisters Susie and Niki. Now living in Upstate New York, near Woodstock, and own a PC related busines. I hope to possibly hear from some "old" friends, and maybe share some memories.
Web site:

DeMarinis, Jan - - Hunter H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Fort Bragg, CA.

Diamond, David (Dave) – – Bellmore Kennedy H.S. – Class of 1976
Currently living in Avon, CT.  I lived in Laurelton from ’63-’70 on the corner of FLB & 126th Avenue.  Attended PS 176 for 6 years (K-5), followed by Isaiah Day School for 6th grade in ’69-’70, before moving to Merrick, LI.  Family belonged to LJC from ’66-’70.  Reunion for anyone who EVER attended Isaiah Day School is being planned for spring or summer 2020; contact me for info.  Would love to hear from anyone whose path crossed mine in Laurelton.

Dichter, Barry - - McBurney School for Boys
Currently living just north of Austin, TX (Round Rock). Left Laurelton in summer of 1969 for Manhattan. Six years in the Navy from 73-79 & served during the evacuation of Vietnam. Work as a Quality Engineer in the Contract Manufacturing industry focusing in medium voltage, power distribution enclosures powering chip manufacturing plants (INTEL & Samsung...). Still in touch with many from the Laurelton days via Facebook.  Our block - 125th Ave between FLB & 233rd St is easily the most represented of all blocks in Laurelton with 24 of the 36 houses connected via FB. No brag, just fact. Play guitar (Classic, Rock & Blues) 1-2 nights a week.  Played with Pinetop Perkins, James Cotton, & Jack Newhouse (original bassist for SRV - prior to the Tommy Shannon era). I have worked as a chef, business owner (14 years) in the electronics Industry and have traveled the world and sailed in five of the seven seas. It's been a wonderful life full of self-introduced speed bumps. Brother (Steven) & sister (Carole) are both graduates of AJHS in the 60s.

Drexler, Jonathan - - JFK Bellmore H.S.
Currently living in Seaford, NY.

Dreznin, Ed - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in North Easton, MA.

Dringus, Steve - - JFK H,S., Willingboro, NJ - Class of 1974
Currently living in Willingboro, NJ. Moved from Laurelton to Willingboro, NJ in June of 1966. Went to P.S.132 through 4th grade. Was friends with Jim Connell, Todd Herold, Craig Casey, Steven Jacobson and Tom/George Hubert. Remember stickball in the PS 132 schoolyard, Bob's Delicatessen, and the water/ice place on Merrick Rd.

Eastman, Valerie  (Ensinger) - - Palm Beach Gardens - Class of 1979
Moved to Florida in 1972.  Currently living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Any more pictures from the early 70's would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks for all your hard work, Skip.

Edwards, Dennis - - Stuyvesant H.S. - Class of 1978
Currently living in Washington, DC. I lived on 232nd street (across from Ellen Marshall and Julie Naftal -- old friends who are on this site!). My family moved there in 1972 and my younger sister still lives in the house where we grew up.

Ehlin, Gail - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
I lived on 231st St and walked to PS 156. So many years have passed, so many memories. I am now in Coral Springs, FL by way of NH. Been here for 15 years. Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Janet Davis please let me know.

Ehrlich, Jeff - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Curretly living in Baldwin, NY. Moved to East Meadow and cummuted my senior year. Can't forget those memories.

Eisen, Richard -  - Pittsfield H.S. - Class of 1974
We moved from Laurelton in 1966 and moved to Pittsfield MA. I went to 132 through 4th grade. I was friends with Mitchell Novick, Henry (Hanky Panky) Simon, Todd Herold, Robin Fader and Janet ?. My older brother, Mike, was 2 years ahead of me. Would love to know what happened to everyone.

Eisenberg, Mark - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Parkland, FL

Epstein, Deborah - - East Meadow H.S. - Class of 1979
Currently living in Boca Raton, FL

Epstein, Philip - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently residing in Boca Raton, FL Had a blast growing up in Laurelton. The 60s and 70s were great - would not have changed anything. Married Joann Graziano from Rosedale and raised two great sons. Life been good but the old hangout will always be a special place to remember. Have fun hanging out the next 30.

Evans, Catherine "Cathy" (Peacock) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Bay Shore, NY. I remember Laurelton well. We lived, my 6 brothers and sisters and I, on 224th st. just off 137 Avenue. I went to PS 156, after we moved into the neighborhood in 1966. I have been reading postings about "Wong's Garden" Chinese food on the corner of 225 street and Merrick, but I remember it as "Loon's Garden". Perhaps some you remember my brothers John and Martin, or my sisters Marian, Joan, Anne-Marie and Monica. We were one of the first black families on our block. Now I am married with 2 children. I am a schoolteacher in Bay Shore, LI.

Evans, Roberta - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975
My family moved to Laurelton in 1966. I went to P.S.132 and started 4th grade with Mrs. Shiller. I went to I.S.59 then on to Springfield. I still live in Laurelton on 131st Ave.

Fader, Robin - - Atlantic City High School - Class of 1974
Currently living in Bethesda, MD.  I attended Junior HS 59 and then my family moved to New Jersey. Get in touch if you remember me!  I'm currently living in Maryland with my husband and daughter as an Emmy Award winning TV producer.

Faiber, Suzanne (Schulman) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
I was just introduced to this site- it seems we all have a special place in our hearts & development from Laurelton. Wish I could have given the same experience to my girls as they grew up in So. Fla. I look forward to hearing from anyone from Laurelton and will pass along regards to my brother Mark, who is now back in New York.

Faison, Cynthia (Trotman) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Richmond, VA. Graduate of P.S. 156, Class of 1970.

Falcone Ed - - Archbishop Molloy H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Cypress, CA. I was turned on to this site by Larry Frank, whom i met in a business networking event, another Laureltonian. Indeed, and amazingly, at the same meeting was another guy form the area too, Bill Sorotsky. It was fun to reminisce. I lived on 222nd Street just off the South Conduit Blvd near 145th Ave. I was a parochial elementary school kid, having been the in the initial graduating class of '66 of Christ the King School. It has been closed down for many years. My wife, Maria, is from Rosedale, on 253rd St., just off Francis Lewis Blvd. We were married in her church, St. Claire's, almost 31 years ago. We have three great daughters.

Fisher, Pamela - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1978
Blessing & Abundance! Currently living in Laurelton, NY. The Fishers have lived on 224th Street since 4-4-68, the day we lost MLK. I am still there with my daughter, Tiffanie! My sister Deborah went to IS 59 and AJHS. I went PS 132, IS 59 and Jamaica H.S., Class of 1978. Then on to CW Post. I remember Bohack's on 222nd Street and Merrick. The photographer next to the Bagel Shoppe took my HS graduation pix. Remember the free banana bread that Cooky's Steak pub gave out with dinner? Take me back to the good ole days!!!!!  Love, Pam

Flashburg, Lori (Palmer) - - Lawrence H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Staten Island, NY.

Frankel, Steve - - Chofetz Chaim H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Chashmonaim, Israel. Attended PS 38, JHS 59, Chofetz Chaim High School, Brooklyn College.

Freeman, Melvina - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1978

Frey, Barbara (Frey-Mercurio) - - Far Rockaway H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Plantation, FL.

Gallay, Joel - - Springfield Gardens H.S. Class of 1971

Currently living in Holiday, FL.  My years in Laurelton are always looked upon as good years, I always look back fondly on those years. The snow sledding at Twin Ponds, those special movie days sponsored by the bank with the colored tickets and riding my bike down the great streets of our home town.

Garfinkel, Marilyn - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Hi Everyone!  I currently live in Valley Stream, NY and I am a teacher for Long Island Blood Services in Westbury.

Gates, Eddie - - Cardozo H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in New York, NY. Lived in Laurelton 1968-1979 at 138-48 224th St.

Gilbert, Gabrielle (Reeves) - - Fairfax H.S. (CA) - Class of 1974
In 1964 my family left Laurelton because of work in Hollywood - an imprint none of us left behind and never stopped missing

Glasner, Pamela (Melusky) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971

Goldberg, Bella (Berlly) - - Valley Stream Central H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Saratoga, CA, I went to PS 132 and I see you're a neighbor (somewhat) to me in Saratoga, CA.

Goldberg, Howard - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Albertson, NY. I lived at 133-22 Francis Lewis Blvd., Laurelton. I attended P.S. 156, JHS 59 and Andrew Jackson H.S. It was great seeing the names of friends from the past and bringing back such wonderful memories.

Goldberg, Nancy (Steinmetz) - - John Adams H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in West Orange, NJ.

Goldfluss, Diane (Bender) - - Valley Stream South H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Suffern, NY. I lived down the street from Stanley's and then we moved to the "other" side of Merrick. Moved to Valley Stream when I was a junior in H.S. Nice parents, right? I currently live in Rockland County with my husband, two girls and a slew of pets. If you remember IGC classes at 156, please contact me. Would love to catch up

Goldstein, Ellen - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Flushing, NY

Goldstein, Roger - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Pompano Beach, FL

Goldsobel, Jeff (Garis) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Charlotte, NC. Laurelton was a terrfic place to live and to have friends. I am still very close friends with Joel Reichard for the past 41 years. This weekend I ran into someone who was in all of my classes from 2nd grade thru JHS 59 and it triggered me to go find this site.

Golnick, Jay - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Farmingdale, NY. I lived on the corner of 233rd St. & 139th Ave. at 138-59. My grandparents were Rose & Edward Finkelstein & my parents are Carol & Arthur Golnick who now live in Stony Brook, along with my younger brother Alan.

Goodman, Margery (Epstein) - - Seaford H.S. - Class of 1977
Currently living in Kennesaw, GA.

Goodman, Meredith 'Meri'  (Donovan) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Corpus Christi, TX

Goodman, Nancy (Miller) - - Seaford H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Marietta, GA.

Gorsetman, Kurt - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in St. Paul, MN. My brother Glen and I lived at 232-15 Mentone Ave. from 1962 to 1975. We lived next door to Spencer Weiss. I know there are people out there who remember us. It was great living in Laurelton. I visited Laurelton in the summer of 2004 (after 24 years of being away) and being back was magical. I wish I could live there again. If anyone out there remembers me and Glen, please do not hesitate to email me. Thanks!

Gottesfeld, Arlene - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970

Gottlieb, Bob - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Watermill, NY.  I loved finding this site. So many forgotten events are now old memories remembered fondly. I have a few I'd like to share and wonder if others remember them. At PS 156 if you brought your lunch, it was called cold as oppossed to hot lunch, you ate it in the school auditorium. Apples would roll under your seat as the floor was sloped. But the best part was that you could perform on stage to a captive audience. At the time The Beatles were popular and many solo and duets were song on stage while we ate sandwiches. When you finished eating you exited the front left door and played in the school yard. Back then we flipped baseball cards, and learned to use the YO YO. We played tag and some did double dutch or hand ball. There was a tall chainlink fence to contain us with unguarded openings. In one corner was a garden but I never knew who was the gardener. More thought to come.

Gottlieb, Edward "Eddy" - - Lawrence H.S. - Class of 1976
LA7-7541, never forgot our phone number. It was black wall phone with a dial. There was just one phone in the house for many years, no reason for more. I just learned about the website from my cousin in Seattle who lived on 227th St. I lived on 223rd Street at 137th Ave, my brothers are Jerry and Bobby. I attended PS 156, K to 5, until 1969. Some of my teachers were Mrs. Rognan, Mrs. Kerman, Miss Carr and Mr. Noble. The year of the teachers strike, we attended classes at someone's house. It's been 40 years, so I may not remember everything exactly as it was, but it was definitely a great neighborhood. I could ride my bicycle for hours and everyone on the block knew my name. There must have been 20 kids on our block alone. Summer nights were the best. Dad had a regular night card game with some of the other fathers at the Merans' house. They were also the first with a color TV. Gas was cheap and everyone drove an American made car. Cub Scout meetings were at The LJC, so was Hebrew School. The stores I remember were Stanley Candy, Kwick Way, Goodfood, The Kosher Deli, Casual, the bagel store, the hardware store and of course the Pizzeria...with 25¢ and a coupon you could get a slice with a free soda. There was a deli, and on the corner was the Chinese Restaurant. Freddy owned the Gulf station on another corner. We sometimes took the Q5 to Gertz Dept. Store in Jamaica. Later we could go to Gimbels at Green Acres, an open air retail shopping center, similar to the new centers being built today. Best times included the visits to the World's Fair. We could even go by bus without our parents. Worst day must have been when JFK was shot. We were on our way to Mrs. Rand at the library on 225th St. I have very fond memories of good friends and good times. Laurelton was a beautiful place to live and grow up. Currently living in Lawrence, NY.

Gottlieb, Jerry - - Lawrence H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Cedarhurst, NY. I attended PS 156 and IS 59 for a few years. It was a wonderful town and all I have is fond memories. I hope all who lived here are successful and happy.

Grabarnick, Richie - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in North Bellmore, NY. Attended PS 156, JHS 59, AJHS and I think the website is great!!!  I just wanted to post the passing of my brother Phil Grabarnick on December 5, 2005, who will always remain in my heart. Phil graduated Andrew Jackson in 1965.

Green, Cheryl (Frydman) - - New Haven Hebrew Day School - Class of 1974
Currently living in Stamford, CT. I lived on the corner of 181st St. and 145th Ave. in Springfield Gardens from 1962 until 1969 when my family moved to Connecticut. I went to Yeshiva Central Queens that was in Jamaica under the L at the time. Went to Springfield Gardens Jewish Center until everyone moved out of the neighborhood and it closed. My next door neighbor was my best friend, Laurie Bernstein and her cousin Sheila lived around the corner. My cousins, the Chassens, were in Cambria Heights. I remember the last few years living there were pretty scary. Would love to hear from any of the YCQ alums.

Gross, Ken - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
I guess everyone would suggest that they grew up in a mystical place, but I don't know about that, except if you happen to have grown up in Laurelton. Laurelton in the '50's and very early '60's was Mayberry, USA, a largely homogeneous population with a New Yawk accent. In the 60's, it was this crucible- "a place, time, or situation characterized by the confluence of powerful intellectual, social, economic, or political forces" (i.e. the beginning of neighborhood integration). By the '70's, Laurelton became a completely different place in its racial and ethnic composition. Thirty years later, the transformation would appear to have been permanent. Mysticism? I remember I was about 11 years old. I recall looking out of my top floor bedroom window onto 226th Street. Two hobos were walking by, one was very tall, rail thin, sporting a bandana. The other was short walking with a gimp. He had one of those long sticks with a cloth bag full of stuff at the end placed over his shoulder. I guess we all are just passing through; we got off at the train station near Mentone.

Gross, Roger - - Bethpage H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Alexandria, VA. I recently found this site and was glued to it for over an hour looking for names of people from Laurelton. I went to PS 156 from 1961-1965. They took our 5th grade class and sent us off to JHS 59 to be part of the new 6 7 8 grade intermediate class. I went to JHS 59 from 1965-1967 when my parents picked me and my older brother Nathan, younger brother Terry, 4th brother Bobby and a baby on the way, Andrew and moved to Bethpage. We lived at 133-12 230 Street, right across from Sam and Artie Weiss. Sam went to Viet Nam and came back wounded. We lived down the block from Marshall and Robert Progebin, Richie Moss, Monte Hirsch and a host of other guys. We played handball on the wall of the professional building, opposite Stanley's and around the corner from the Colony Card Shop. My older brother and I belonged to the local boy scout troop that met in PS 156 on Tuesday evenings. We would go out and pick up bagels and lox every Sunday Morning and don't forget the News and Tribune.

I was Bar Mitzvahed at Temple Bethel on 223 St. When I tried to reach Rabbi Ronald Millstein some years later, he was no longer a rabbi, he was selling either stock or insurance. I ate at Wong's and went to the Saturday movies. They always wanted to charge me adult prices cause I22 I was a big kid. They said I was a size HUSKY in those days.

We had the Kleidman and Bruckenthal cousins in nearby Cambria Heights and all the relatives moved to LONG GUYLAND by 1968-1969.

I graduated Bethpage HS School in 1972 and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1977. I joined a federal police agency, transferred to Washington DC area in 1988 after living in Valley Stream and retired from that in 1997. I went back into government work and am now working as a Uniformed Police Security Manager at the Treasury in Washington, DC.

Email me if you remember me. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my brothers. Email me if you remember me.

I am looking for Seth Figman, David Berlinsky and I found Donald Rosenthal here. We were the 4 Musketeers in our class in PS 156.

God bless our military forces and God bless America.

Haas, Wendy (Hammond) - - Christopher Columbus H.S., Bronx - Class of 1973
I grew up at 226-44 129th Ave. and moved after my sophomore year at AJHS in 1971, to the Bronx. I went to P.S. 132. I went back to see my old house with my kids two summers ago. Oddly enough, the same owners were still there. It was lovely to speak with them. Everything looked much smaller than I remembered!! In my younger years, I hung out quite a bit across the boulevard at the schoolyard across from the LJC. Many, many basketball games to view. I remember names like Pam Shapiro, Bruce Kessler, there was a Rauch, a Randy, a Raymond, my infamous friend Judy Kroten, a very tall LB I believe, and a good friend Joy Weber. On my avenue I remember a best friend named Cindy Mcdonald, who was older than myself. I remember spending many weekends at the pizza place and onto the movies. It was sad to see how much Merrick Blvd. had changed. I prefer remembering the way it was! It is really nice to see there is a site for all to visit.

Hersh, Monte - - Andrew Jackson H.S. & Hampton Bays H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Hampton Bays, NY. Hello to all my friends. I attended 132, JHS 59 and my freshman year at Jackson. It was a great time to grow up there. I will always consider it my home. Yes, my brother was Eric, Jackson class of 1965.

Hymowitz, Mitchell - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Seattle, WA. Lived at 144-28 232nd Street. LJC. 156 for grade 1-3 (Mrs. Reid, Miss Wybaille, Mrs. Schneider). 181 for grade 4-5 (Mrs. Colandro, Miss Fisher). 231. SGHS for grade 9-10. Would have graduated '74. Moved to Paramus, NJ for grade 11-12. Rutgers. NYU MBA. Moved to Seattle in 1986. Full details on LinkedIn. Life is good. I have nothing but fond memories of Laurelton/Rosedale/Springfield Gardens. Best to all

Ingoglia, Jodi (Deitch) - - Oakdale Prepatory School - Class of 1974
Currently living in Bellmore, NY. Wow, what a great website. I have such fond memories of growing up in Laurelton. I attended PS 38, then on to IS59, Springfield HS and then off to a private school in Bayside. I grew up right off Laurelton Pkwy, across the street from the Garden Apartments (236th Street).Some of the people who lived on my block were Susan Whitworth, Hyman Zucker, Bonnie Gerbetz, Joseph Palmenteri, Marty Gutkin and Sherri (don't remember last name). I was also friends with Marla Malkman, Robert Weinblatt, Bob Gellman, Steven Plotkin and Steve Noweicky. If anyone remembers me, please feel free to drop to a note, I would love to hear from you.

Ingrassia, John - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Lakeland, FL.  Attended P.S. 156 (Thanks for posting the old photo of it). Went three years to Archbishop Molloy H. S. (1967-1969)and attended St. Mary Magdalene Church. Would like to hear from anyone from the Mentone gang or anyone else who remembers me.

Jerkins, Allen - - Walt Whitman H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Tulsa, OK.  It was great to hear from old friends. Attended JHS 59 in Springfield Gardens before the family moved to Huntington. Dad was in the horse racing business so we needed more room for his animals. Remember the punch ball days in the horseshoe, and stickball games in the yard. 6th grade teacher was Ms. Postly, but will never forget 2nd grade and Ms. Anderson. Currently living in Tulsa as a Sportscaster..married 3 kids, 2 grandkids. Hope all is well.

Jochnowitz, Abby - - Columbia H.S. - Class of 1978
Currently living in Bernardsville, NJ. I think about Laurelton all of the time. I have reconnected with some old classmates from PS 38 and PS 156 on Facebook. I lived at 130-57 233rd St., near the garden apartments. I have a couple of class photos from public school on my Facebook page. Anybody who might remeber me, please contact me through my email address

Johansen, Roy - - Danbury High School - Danbury, CT - Class of 1972
Attended PS 132 and IS59 from 1960-1968 before moving from Laurelton/Springfield Gardens to Danbury, CT.

Kagan, Debbie (Murray) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Clearwater, FL. Please feel free to e-mail me. Love, Debbie.

Kanowitz, Robert - - Jericho H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Bethpage, NY.   I would love to hear from old friends.  Website located at

Kapit, Larry - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Coral Springs, FL

Kavaler, Bernard - - Attended Springfield Gardens H.S. - 1971 & 1972 then moved out of state.
Currently living in West Hartford, CT. Growing up in Laurelton stays with you for a lifetime. PS 156, LJC, Cub Scouts, IS 59, SGHS, Merrick Road, stickball, touch football, basketball in the driveway, teacher strikes, Mayor Lindsay, Mentone Ave, Carmine's, the library, flipping baseball cards and the Laurelton movie theater. Yup, it stays with you for a lifetime. Let's fast forward; send me an email if we knew each other back then.

Kessler, Bruce (Freiman) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971

Kilman, Larry - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Bellmore, NY.

Kinigson, David - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Hello everyone....Currently living in West Palm Beach FL. What a great site evoking memories of Laureleton... friends, cutting school, girls, my block, hanging out... it goes on and on. Merrick Blvd. , Stanley 's, Burt & Dave's, Laurelton Movie Theatre, the laundromat, Carmine's... the best pizza ever .20 a slice. I attended PS 156, JHS 59 and AJHS graduating class 1971. My best friend was, and still is, Gerard Lombardo. We met just before 4th grade started on 229 Street and 129 Avenue. Wendy Haas, Cindy MacDonald, Joanne Hoffman, Marilyn Gelfand, Cindi Dixon, Mallory Gordon, Hedy From, Myra Dranoff, Gail Ercalano among my school friends. Regards to everyone.

Kirsch, Larry - - East Rockaway H.S. - Class of 1977
Hello to everyone. Currently living in Rockville, Maryland with my wife Mona and my 16 year old daughter, Ariel, who is junior at the Greater Washington Yeshiva. I am also blessed with a wonderful stepdaughter who just finished University of Maryland and a stepson who will be graduating Towson University this year and, hopefully, will be entering medical school next year. I left Laurelton pretty early on (after 5th grade) so I don't know if many people remember me. From Laurelton, I moved to East Rockaway New York. I graduated East Rockaway High School in 1977, Binghamton University in 1981 and George Washington University Law School in 1985. I lived at 131-25 229th Street and have fond memories of Laurelton. If anyone wants to say hello, please email me.

Kirschner, Toni (Pugliese) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Wallingford, CT.

Kitchenman, Walter - - (Left before High School)
Currently living in Rye, NY. Montefiore Cemetary was my backyard. I lived just down the street from P.S. 132, but I attended St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic elementary school, starting in 1960. Remember the movie theater and the A&P well, and -- because I'm Irish American and my relatives were cops and firemen -- I remember the bar Hogartys (to the best of my recollection that's the name). In fact, I think my uncle Jack worked there part-time as a bartender! I remember hiding under the desk for our nuclear attack drills, having to stay indoors and practice civil defense. The neighborhood where I was raised was overwhelmingly African American by the time of the Kennedy assassination and I remember how strongly that event united us. The place that ultimately shaped me the most -- even though I left at 11.

Kitzen, Marcia - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Huntington, NY.

Kleidman, Carl - - Valley Stream North H.S. - Class of 1975
Great site. Grew up in Cambria Heights ( 120-03 225th St ) and went to PS 176, graduating in 1969 (despite the blizzard). Went to IS 59 and met all the folks from Laurelton - Chris Policano, Peter Constantine, Charlie Weinblatt and all the others. Graduated in 1972 and sadly moved about 5 miles (but it could have been 5000) away to Franklin Square . To paraphrase from the movie "Stand By Me" - while you will have many friends in your life there are no best friends like the best friends you had growing up. Awesome memories. My brothers were Paul (2 years older) and Larry (3 years younger). Also cousin Steve Bruckenthal (1 year older). Anyone from my years I would love to hear from

Klugsberg, Barbara (Sternberg) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Givat Zeev, Israel

Kornbluh, David - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Edison, NJ.

Kossoff, Roberta - - Forest Hills H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Bayside, NY.

Kraftowitz, Larry - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Pelham Manor, NY

Krane, Lori - - Hendrick Hudson H.S. - Class of 1978
I have some class photos to add and am looking for others.

Kushner, Karen - - Martin Van Buren H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Chico, CA. I attended PS 156 and IS 59 and carried along memories of friends for years. After 2 years at Andrew Jackson HS I moved and finished my high school career at Martin Van Buren. I continued my education in and out of Buff State and after 2 years, decided to "go west". After spending 3 years or so finding myself, I went back to school and became a physician assistant. My partner and I are now in the process of opening the Shalom Community Health Center of Chico, so let me hear from you all--Miss you all mucho! Peace, Karen (Malcolm's little sister)

Kuschner, Matt - - J.F. Kennedy, Bellmore - Class of 1977
Currently living in Merrick, NY

Landy, Karen - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Bayside, NY.

Lamberson, William (Bill) - mrbill0813@aol,com - Hillcrest H.S. Annex - Class of 1976
I lived at 234-12 134th.Rd which is the street behind Twin Ponds Bakery + Zelda+Manny's candy store from '67to'71 and then moved to 131-02 Laurelton Parkway in the ground floor apt. in Laurelton Garden Apts. My mom Alma worked at Twin Ponds Bake Shop from '71to'77 as I did and I also worked for the Texaco station on Merrick Rd.+Laurelton Pkway. as well as Stanley's when Irving Roesch owned it-I helped him out there and set up all the papers for Sunday mornings. We moved to Stony Point N.Y. in Rockland 11/77 and after getting married and having 4 kids (2boys+2girls) and moving a few more times around the Orange/Sullivan Cty. area we moved to Spring Hill, Florida where we have now lived for a little over ten years. I was really glad to find this site Skip so keep up the above and beyond excellent work you are doing as I know it's not easy to keep up with all this coming at you from everywhere and I'll post some more info. and help you get some names of store locations for the Map "O" Merrick Road when I have more time to write once school is over down here on 06/03 and im not driving the school bus for the summer. Anyone who cares to respond weather we are old friends or not, please do as I will answer all who write and will check in here several times a week. I can be reached at: so drop me a line. That's all for the time being. Regards, Bill

Lamendola, Mark - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Hey there old friends and acquaintances, I just drove by Laurelton 4 am this morning on my way to JFK to catch a flight back home to Boca Raton. I have not seen the town in many years but I am familiar with so many of the names listed here. I remember having a "Beatle" based band in the mid-60's at P.S. 156. I still play/write music; it has always been my life, for better or worse.

As I drove to JFK this morning I couldn't help thinking of the time I spent messing around in the brush area along side of the highway heading toward N. Conduit Ave. I/we would run into different groups of friends, everyone on their own adventure and cut off from the adult world. Some of the things that went on...I'll put it this way...Stephen Kings "Stand By Me" didn't even come close. I have some fond memories and some that I'd rather forget.

I am always a little envious of some of my friends that are able to go home and visit the town they grew up in and see old friends that they grew up with. My generation from Laurelton scattered and it's too bad we don't get the opportunity to rehash old stories and have some laughs. I am not really looking for anyone, although I left behind someone very close to me...stupid me!

Lasner, Van - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Ft. Lauderdale , FL. Best years of my life. Wonderful memories! LA5-4334. Lived on 230st & 174th. Went to PS 156, 231 and 2 Yrs of Springfield Gardens . Loved going to Brookville Park to skate there in winter and play baseball in summer. Remember Louies Italian deli, Maries candy store for 6 cents soda and baseball cards, Pizza King. Rmember Mr. Softy and Good Humor trucks. Used to hang around with Gary Bass, Gene Mueller, Michael Eisner, Howie Gitlan, Michael Blumberg, Jeff Nassi, Alan Shanker and Joe Passerelli. I used to work at Bagel Factory and Shepies Jewish Deli in town when I was 12 with Elliot Varron form Rosedale . Moved to Florida in 1970 and Graduated N.M.B. Life is great. Remember the Feather Factory by Rexall drugs? Regards to all my old friends in Laurelton and Rosedale schools.

Lease, Elaine (Lauri) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in East Meadow, but nothing compares to growing up in Laurelton. It is so amazing to read all the entries and see how everyone viewed Laurelton in the same way. I loved growing up in Laurelton. I was extremely sad to see the decline set in many years ago. This web site reminds us of what we had and the memories are wonderful. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and wants to share those memories.

Lee, Aldora (Peterson) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently residing in Flushing, NY.

Leibowitz, Linda (Amar) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Israel.

Leight Barri (Giardelli) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Cave Creek, AZ

Leonard, Beryl (Shavit) - -  Bayside HS - Class of 1974
Living in Israel since 1976 - Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, Israel.  Moved from Laurelton in 1973.

Leonard, Sandy - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
This is a great site. I live in Oegstgeest, Holland and have lost touch with people from Laurelton. Would be great to hear from old friends and neighbors.

Lesnick, Charles - - Glen Cove High School - Class of 1977
I lived in Laurelton for ten years following my second birthday, from 1961 to 1971. I went to PS 176 and then during the big NYC teachers strike I transferred to Issiah Day School at the Laurelton Jewish Center before my family moved to Glen Cove, Long Island. I have lived in Yonkers for the past 21 years where I am now the City Council President.

Levin, Randy - - Oceanside H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in East Meadow, NY. Like so many of you, I stumbled across this amazing website and it has brought back many memories. I lived at 131-35 225th St. It was one of two identical two family homes owned by the Rofrano and the Scavonie family (I am sure I spelled that wrong). I went to PS 156. I remember Ms. Carr, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Dribbons. 5th grade was the year of the huge teacher strike. I remember friends such as Danny Ward, Jerry Murphy, the whole Bailey family. "Blank" Zelesnic, Cool teens like Candy (She went to Hofstra) lived across the street. Randy and Sheryl cool babysitters :) I remember Stanleys and his dog. I remember planting shrubs and flowers on a newly built middle island on 225th St. The year Kennedy was killed my mother organized a HUGE fund raising (lemonade) stand with tons of kids from the neighborhood. No one locked their doors. It was idealic. I miss the simplicity and peace of it all. I also am embarrassed to be part of the "White Flight" of the time in 1969. I was only 11 and had no say but it's sad to be part of that ugly history of subtle racism. Still, I miss what Laurelton was...and the melting pot that was PS 156. Walter Lanarez was a good friend. Others I wish I remembered as much. This site is amazing. PLEASE contact me if you remember me....or the Glass family on 225th street. One daughter, I believe, became a nurse.   Website:,

Levine, Shelley "Habi" - - Springfield Gardens H.S - Class of 1970
Finally! I was wondering why the old website seemed to have stalled when I finally found the new website. I have to say that it's better than ever, and even more memories came flooding back as I was exploring it. I first posted in July 2005 (where many of the details of my "innocent" years are recalled). I'm from that "other" side of Merrick (P.S. 176). I also went to Springfield Gardens HS, and the Laurelton Jewish Center. I currently reside in West Palm Beach FL. I continue to return to this site, as remembering back to those simple and wonderful times can cheer up my day, and I recognize the names of so many of you. I also note that many of you now live in my neighborhood although we're probably all from different graduating classes. I now work for the Palm Beach County Convention & Visitors Bureau. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me (and I remember a lot of you as if it were yesterday). My e-mail address has changed since my first posting so I'm re-listing it. Here's to the great memories!!

Levy, Rae - - Plantation H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Sunrise, FL.  I lived in Laurelton from 1952 until 1968 on 226th street. I attended PS 132 (1957 - 1964), JHS 59 (1964 - 1966), and Andrew Jackson HS (1966 - 1968). I moved with my family after my sophomore year to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I still live in South FL and have been retired since 1/2007. I would love to hear from people that I went to school with.

Lintz, Michael - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Been living in Hollywood, California for the past 31 years. Married with 1 child, a son named Dylan. Lots of memories of hanging out in PS 156 schoolyard, shooting hoops, playing handball and eating Italian ices in the summer! I have reconnected with many old friends on Facebook. Go to my page for further communications.

Lockwood, Paul - - St. John's H.S. - Class of 1976
Here is my story…My name is Paul Lockwood and family moved to Laurelton from Brooklyn in 1959. The address was 222-29 143rd Ave. , near 224th St. and N. Conduit and Belt Parkway. We had a huge yard that ran from 143rd Ave. back to 142nd Rd. Our phone # was LA8-7461. We lived there until the summer of 1968. We moved as the neighborhood had changed and my parents were concerned about safety. You see, my brother (Jerry) was assaulted while riding his bike one afternoon; kids were coming in our backyard and taking apples off our apple (crabapple) tree and throwing them at our house and calling us nasty names and other such unpleasantness.  That said, I have fond memories of:

• Riding sleds down next to the Belt parkway and only being stopped from going into traffic by my big (17 year old) brothers foot as he stood at the bottom of the hill (this is where there was a Gulf Gas Station nearby).
• Walking down to the little candy store not far from the LIRR station…at 224th St. and 141st…..Fred’s, I think we called it…it was across the street from a Mobil Gas Station. Building model cars bought from his store and having them placed in the window as part of some kind of “contest” which I never won, but made me proud of my creation anyway!
• Going to school at St. Mary Magdalene’s in Springfield Gardens (walked it every day).
• Going to the IGA… again located close the LIRR station and getting food on “credit” where at the register they would write down your name and amount owed in one of those black and white speckled composition notebooks.
• Walking home and finding my now much older (21 year old) brother waxing his new Triumph TR4A sports car (which he bought while he was in the Navy) under the LIRR station overpass because he did not want the sun to streak the wax job. There was also a bar right there that he frequented often but his two younger brothers were NEVER allowed to go in!
• Playing all day in what we called McCaffrey’s Lot…the land of some friends who owned a piece of woods/dirt/field that at the time we thought must have been 1.000 acres (but was probably only ¾ of an acre if that). I think it was on or near Edgewood?
• Taking the Q5A bus to Jamaica Ave and going to John’s Bargain Store with 50 cents and getting tons of stuff!
• Going to White Castle in Lynbrook and eating those tasty little squares off a tray hooked on the car window served by a car hop!
• Walking so FAR down to Merrick Blvd. so my brother could take his drum lessons at “Tom's Music Shop” (not positive on that name).
• Getting take out from the Chicken-D-Light store after the drum lessons (“Don’t Cook Tonight…Call Chicken-D-Light”).
• Waiting for Dave, the Good Humor guy to come by so I could by a Tiger Stripe (root beer flavored ice cream bar).
• Bothering my big sister Linda while she played with her friends the Barones and Capartos’ (?) who lived across the street.
• Playing with my friends the LoFaros (Richie and Henry), the Liebermans (Ira and brothers), and Clifford “Tippy” Mitchell.

Am now living in Virginia and treasure these memories. I can be contacted at .  Regards.

PaulLubman, Elizabeth (Lubman-Silverman) - - Hewlett H.S. - Class of 1977
Currently living in Short Hills, NJ

Lundy, Michele K. - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Cambria Heights, NY. I became a resident of Laurelton in 1968 as a fourth grader at P.S. 156. I then attended IS. 59, Andrew Jackson was my choice for High School. Living two short blocks from the Laurelton theater was great! Afterwards we went to Tony's Pizza Shop on the corner of 227th Street & Merrick Blvd. To this day, I have never tasted any pizza that could top Tony's. So many wonderful memories there!   My parents still live there and as I have been advised, they have resided the longest of all residents on their block!

Malkman, Marla (Smith) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently soaking up the sun with husband, son, daughter and 3 dogs in suburb of Tampa, Florida. Many fond memories of life in Laurelton. We lived on 228th and 135th with the LJC on one corner and Young Israel on the other. I loved never having to leave the block for a good game of anything, playing handball at 156,watching brother Rich hit the ball out of the school yard, getting candy at Helen & Sams, buying school supplies at Stanley's, Pizza at Tony's, opening my first bank account at Ridgewood, Chicken Delight, the #5 bus, Green Acres, 4Star, Orlandos, my mom getting her hair done at Pompeiis, Key Food, Miss Hudley and of course Mr. Morris. Friends Judy Glick, Elysa Schiffer, Ronny Brack, Gene Mottas (RIP) The Kohns, Tommy Rizza, Laurie Asher, Susan Reiders, Marcia Kitzen. These were good times yielding wonderful memories. I'm thankful to have them.

Maller, Debi (Maller-Natoli) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970

Marshall, Ellen - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in East Windsor, NJ. I was thrilled to find out about this website. I have found a part of my past that I thought had evaporated. I lost track of most of my contemporaries except for a few and maybe I will be able to reconnect somehow. Thanks for the reconnect!!

Marzan, Cindy (Marzan-Zaretsky) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Oceanside, NY. OMG I can't believe the memories that flood back. Hanging out on the handball courts at PS 156. USY Meetings Sunday nights at Laurelton Jewish Center. Walking the neighborhood...yes, those were the good old days!!

Mayer, Harriet "Habi" - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Cedarhurst, NY.  Re: reconstructing Merrick stores - My parents owned Drive Line Motors on 225th St. and Merrick Blvd. It was originally a Shell and then Gulf gas station, and remained a transmissions and body shop. My parents bought it from Mr. Gogell in 1959 who also owned the car repair shop across the street. They sold it (it is now a Gibraltar transmission shop)  and the mortgage was just paid off by the new owners last year.

Mayo, Bill - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1977
Currently living in Birmingham, AL. Wow, what a great site this is! I actually grew up 1965-82 in Cambria Heights. I attended PS 147 K-6, Linden JHS 192 (Hollis) 7-9, A. Jackson 10-12, Hofstra U. (LI) Undergrad & St. John's Grad. I would not have wanted to grow up any where else in the world. My kids are always facinated by my tales of growing up in Queens. They say I should write a book or screen play! I played alot of basketball as a kid, which caused me to travel alot between Laurelton, Queens Village, Spring Field Gardens, Cambria Heights, Hollis, St. Albans and So. Jamaica. I also dated my fair share of cute young ladies in those towns as well!   My wife (also a IS 59, Jackson, Hofstra alum) and I lived in Rosedale after we were first married, then bought a home in Piscataway, NJ. A career opportunity took us South to Kennesaw, GA. and the subsequently to B'Ham AL where I am a Sales Director for Kraft Foods.

McTier, Nanette - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975

Meizlik, Linda (Bernstein) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Bayside, NY. Married with 4 children. Grandmother of 1 with 1 on the way. My husband and I have just celebrated our 29th Anniversary. Looking for a girl named Cheryl Silverman. Anyone know her? I work at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, Newborn Nursery.

Merein, Annie (Glick) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Michaels, Steven - - JFK Bellmore - Class of 1975
Currently living in New York, NY.

Moskowitz, Charles - - Spring Valley H.S. - Class of 1979 - Updated August, 2016
For some reason my last email went through a black hold and maybe went into The Twilight Zone. I graduated P.S. 156 in 1973. My teachers probably are dead and buried by now.

Moskowitz, Michael - - Plainview JFK H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in New York, NY.  Since making a post to this website last year I have reconnected with many of my elementary school friends that I have not seen or spoken to in 35 years. Thus, not only is the site rich with memories, it is a great way to find long lost friends and to rekindle those friendships. Thank you Skip for giving us all this opportunity.   Web site located at

Myers, Jeff - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Howell, NJ.

Naftal, Julie - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in North Babylon, NY.

Nusbaum, Howard - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in New York, NY. I moved from Laurelton in 1972. I discovered that most of my basketball talents were only present on my home court and my paved backyard. I would love to invite the other guys back for a day. I haven't won a game, much less dominated one, since.

Patick, Gary - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in New City, NY. day and night - Jerry Robbins 45 as "Mickey Mouse and Anniversary of Love" on the jukebox in Carmine's Pizzaria. Twin Ponds...competition fasting during Yom Kippur...Sid Levine got all the girls. Larry ? beating up Reggie - that was weird. Paul Anka's manager lived on 130th St. and somewhere. Hebrew School at 4:30 at the LJC Monday through Friday. What a horror. King of the Hill on the LJC hill. Robert Kennedy standing on car roof waving while some local band played Wipe Out. Raymond Domiyan flipping over P.S. 156 fence in two seconds flat and landing on his feet - just like in West Side Story. He was fast - died a few years ago. He slept over at my house some Saturday nights and we'd watch Chiller Theater. The Greasers of Rosedale...Brookfield by the fire house...roaming the streets of Laurelton in autumn...burning leaves in garbage cans...chalk bags on Oct. 31. Good times.

Patton, Debra (Norwood) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1977
My family moved from Brooklyn to 138-20 232nd St. in late 1969. I went to IS 59 and the to Springfield Gardens High School. I remember walking to Green Acres Mall with Tommy Edwards, Julie Naftal (sp), Roy Clark, Keith, GJ, Mark Tucker, Suzie Campbell, Ellen Marshall and numerous other friends. I remember every weekend going to the Laurelton theater and sitting what felt like all day watching the movies. remember my first puppy love Chuck Daniels. My family moved to Suffolk County Long Island in February 1975 (which at the time felt like the worst day of my life). I will always call Laurelton my home. Great memories.

Penalver, Lisa - - August Martin H.S. - Class of 1978
Currently living in East Orange, NJ

Perl, David - - Brandeis H.S. - Class of 1977
Hello. My name is David Perl and we lived at 138-18 226th Street from 1960 until 1983; currently living in Commack, NY. My sister Paula Perl (now Weiler) was in the first graduating class at Springfield Gardens H.S. My brother Harold (aka Heshy) also went there; he was on the It's Academic team (for those of you who don't remember, that was a TV quiz show where local high schools played each other). However, except for kindergarten at 156, my school years were at Jewish private schools. One year at YCQ (then in Jamaica, now in Kew Gardens Hills). At that time the Isaiah Day School was started in the Laurelton Jewish Center (in no small part due to the efforts of my parents, Bernard and Frieda Perl). I went there from 2nd grade until graduating 8th grade. It was always a small school, and it would close one year after I graduated. Even so, only one other kid was there all those years too -- Melissa Klein. Phyllis Seligson joined us in 3rd grade. (I was still in touch with Melissa for a number of years after, but have since lost touch. Haven't been in touch with Phyllis at all during that time. If either are of you see this or someone knows about them, I'd love to hear from them.) Melissa and I were going to go to Solomon Schechter H.S. of Queens, but the they closed one week (!) before school started that fall. We switched in a hurry to Brandeis in Lawrence. Instead of being in alphabetical order, we spent the entire year being called last because of our late admission. By my senior year, they stopped providing bus service there. We car pooled in the morning and I took the LIRR home in the afternnon. Little did I know (before discovering this site) that I was following in the footsteps of the high schoolers of many years before me. The stores in Laurelton have been mentioned by many others, so I would like to talk about the Laurelton Jewish Center, where I spent most of youth between school and synagogue. It was a huge facility with lots of great hiding places. When my brother was Bar Mitzvah, it was still in the heyday of Rabbi Singer and Cantor Kleinberg. By my time, it was Rabbi Konovitch and Cantor Kunis. Besides being as short as Rabbi Konovitch was tall, I have two strong memories of Cantor Kunis: 1) the Sunday morning Talis 'n' Tefillin (TNT) club. We had Services, followed by breakfast and then a ball game in the 156 yard across the street. 2) In Bar Mitzvah class, he would time us to make sure we took at least 2 minutes to recite the portion of Musaf from the end of Kedusha until the singing of U'V'Yom HaShabbat. I regularly have lead services in the various synagogues to which I have belonged to over the years. I doubt I could take that long today if I tried. This is a tremendous site; it's amazing to see all these names and memories from the past. I still regularly drive by the area from the Belt/Cross Island. I recently was driving on the Belt with my wife and got stuck in traffic when I decided to get off and show her the old neighborhood. She was blown away when she saw the houses on 139th Avenue that are still gorgeous even today. In many ways, my time was just a memory; I'm not trying to pretend I can go back there. But there is still a Laurelton today for those who are there: I work for the State of new York, and one of my supervisors (recently retired) still lives there; ironically, he's only one block from old house. Again, congratulations on the site.

Perry, David - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Lakewood, CO. This is really cool. I was looking for info on old classmates and bang... people's names that really sound familiar and some I know. Anyway, I went to JHS 59, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Edison and Springfield Gardens at the same time. So, I got here by looking for a picture Mrs. Lesser and Mrs. Madonna. These two women made a big for some reason made crazy to the point, my wife is a librarian that teaches English, corrects me all the time. I remember Ms. Sullivan, who just drove me crazy. I live in Colorado and have a large family. Daughters, a son and about a dozen grands. You have probably seen them all over Facebook. They love posting. Starting to remember some things about the old neighborhood. People today talk about diversity, but I think we already had it in Laurelton. By the way, wasn't there a school called St. Mary Magdalene?

Pestaina, Leslie 'Les' - - Stuyvesant H.S.
Currently living in Brimfield, MA.  I just found this site. I moved to Laurelton in 1969 from Manhattan. Definitely a 1970's resident. Although I did spend summers there in the mid 60s; I'd take a bus to CYO day camp with the Supremes playing on the Radio. I hated it. However, when I moved there in 69 I had much better memories.  Despite a number of unpleasant issues (all pertaining to racial politics of the 70s) I do have fond memories or Laurelton: Italian ices at the bakery on Merrick BLVD, German Deli, Sal's candy store (although Sal could be pretty nasty).  I'll update at a later date when I have more time. Just glad to find this site.

Pickus, Artie - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in N. Babylon, NY

Pickus, Audrey (Topol) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Bay Shore, NY. I would love to know the whereabouts of some of the H.S. staff from that time.

Plotkin, Steve - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Greetings all fellow Laurelton ex-pats. Steve Plotkin here - went to 156, 59 and SGHS. Currently living in Parker, Colorado (a burb of Denver). Formerly lived in So Fla, Chicago. I'm an engineer - working for Lockheed-Martin. Despite having travelled all over the world - I have to admit - God I miss Laurelton - we grew

Policano, Chris - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in New York, NY. Fascinating trip down Memory Lane -- my family moved to Laurelton in 1966 and my folks stayed until 1990 or thereabouts. I attended PS 156, JHS 59 (so nice to see all the folks who remember their teachers, especially Mr. Morris) and Jamaica High. I am still in regular contact with David Pfeffer, Peter Consenstein, Carl Kleidman and Jane Hochman -- I wonder about a lot of others, particularly Alan Feigenbaum, Meryl Kletzel (loved that name), Nancy Sloan, Randi Agata, Evan Fliegel, Matthew Kasindorf, Eugene Brandon... the list goes on for days. Intriguing how "white flight" seems to dominate the memories of the black pioneers who moved into Laurelton in the early 70s and how far away many of the folks who left have gone.

Polivy, Calvin - - Valley Stream South H.S. - Class of 1979
Currently living in Long Beach, NY. Thank you for this opportunity, Skip, I've spent too long reading these memories; I have a lot of memories of my own from the town we grew up in, but didn't have too much time to write until now. I went to P. S. 156 from 66-72, 231 from 72-74. I lived between 139th Ave. and 141st Ave. on 231st St.,. On 141st Ave. and 231st St. there was an elderly woman we used to run errands for to buy milk, bread and cigarettes at Hank and Marilyn's grocery store around the corner, with a bunch of other neighborhood stores that I haven't seen anyone else mention, which is now some connected apartments. There was Danny's barber shop, a shoemaker that we used to watch at his craft, a butcher, and classic candy store; those were the good old days. On a sad note, the elderly woman's house burned down and she died in the fire. I also have many memories of Merrick Rd.& all the stores, Beatlemania in the movie theater seeing Hard Days Night abd Help with my older brother Joe, and the girls screaming! I also saw Bonnie and Clyde, Serpico, and we met Sonny Fox after a Christmas movie that he starred in; what a great movie theater! If you grew up on my block you knew about playing stoopball on Mr.Hoffman's stoop. It was the 0nly new stoop on the block. It was also the ringalevio many good memories!! On our block and 232nd St. there were so many kids of all ages,the Costanzas, Hejducecks, Linds, Cassells, Smollars, Cambells, Dwight & Lloyd Hutchinson, O'laughlins, Pearls, and Wellners, Harvey Goldberg, Rotters, Katz, Bogners, Johnny & Joey Singer, the Griefs, just to name a few! It's unbelievable what a much more simple world it used to be.

Before I sign off I'll just mention our corner where we played ball where we constantly had to be in fear of Tony Baloney, Happy George, and Mr. Hands, if we hit the ball in their yard or broke a window or got caught going on their property to fetch our balls, 139th Ave. & 231st. .One more name I wanted to mention, Stewie Davidson who played ball with us and lived next to Happy George. I still have talked to some of these people over the years and am still close to Sal Costanza and family. If you are familiar with any of these names or where abouts of these people please drop a line.  Remember Columbia Pizza near Dead Man's Hill? Okay I'll stop now!! Thanks again for letting me share some memories of a neighborhood that means a lot to me!

Polivy, Gail - - Valley Stream South H.S.- Class of 1976
Currently living in Oakdale, NY. Happy Laurelton resident from 1961 until late 1974 - I still have recurring dreams of Laurelton - with the most awesome memories of growing up there and the tons of friends I had. 80 kids on our block alone on 231st street between Mentone and 139th Avenue. Wiffle Ball games on the 4-corner intersection of 231st Street and 139th Avenue. Freshly paved roads and roller skating. Hide and seek games into the night. I started Kindergarten with Mrs. Robinson (graduating Kindergarten Class of 1965), and finished there (5th grade) with Mrs. Freeman. 3rd Grade with Mr. Dribbon was fabulous (anyone remember him?) IS 59 got a little rough for some of us and the parents petitioned to have us moved to JHS 231. Most of my friends were moving away, and by the time I was in the middle of 11th grade at Springfield Gardens High and none of my friends were left, my folks finally also made the move out of Laurelton. Would love to hear from everybody that knows us! I know my brother's would too - Joe Polivy (class of 1973) and Calvin Polivy (class of 1979). More to follow...  Website:

Poneman, Mark - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Staten Island, NY.  Hey there, Ponemon here, sister Susan, brothers Arthur and Ely. We lived at 135-36 FLB. Next door to the Ackermans, Michael, Mark & Bonnie. Reflecting back is so much fun. PS 156, 59 and Springfield. Boy Scouts Troop 225, the old LJC of course. Let us not forget all the stores that I worked at on Merrick, the best of course being Burt and Dave's until the fire. But I did also work at the cleaners, LaTosca, Chicken Delight and Dial Drugs. Anyhow, anybody wishes to rehash old memories don't hesitate to drop me an email. If I should owe you money from back then forget about trying to collect :) Best to all and thanks Skip for keeping the memories alive...

Popofsky, Holly (Berman - - JFK Bellmore H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Woodbury, NY. Would have graduated from Andrew Jackson, but we moved to Merrick in 1969, soon after my Bat-Mitzvah.

Rauch, Michael - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
I'm currently living in North Easton, MA. To the 156 schoolyard, the pumas, Mentone Avenue, Merrick Road and more...Laurelton was the place to be, a place where friendships lived long. Great 06 reunion!

Rauch, Neil -  - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Baltimore, MD.  After thirty years living in Mass., am just this week moving to Baltimore. (I'm still "from Laurelton", though).  I read thru the site and wanted to update my last posting which was about 4 years ago, a week before moving to Baltimore from the Boston area (1977-2006) My wife decided she wanted to convert to now I'm observant, which is quite a change from the mischievous knucklehead that I was years ago.

Laurelton is still an important part of my life. I'm in touch with friends like Randy Wasoff, Larry Weiss, Barry Secular, Rob Berger and Howie Margolis, and I even made time to visit with Suzanne Faber when I was down in Florida (whom I hadn't seen in a million years) Facebook has turned up all sorts of others, so I'm catching up with many old friends from a time of life that was idyllic compared to the insanity that passes for real life today. I'm always interesting in catching up if folks want to write.

Reiff, William - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in West Babylon, NY.  Hi! I would like to hear from anybody who remembers myself or my brother Ed.  Boy, since I posted last I keep hearing from more and more old Laureltonites!!! Let's keep the memories and posts going. I just rode through the old town in February with my 6, 7, and 8 year old sons. I told them how it was growing up in a place like nowhere else. We all had a great way of life, but I guess all good things come to an end; it is sad Springfield Gardens High is no longer a real high school. The town is very different, the Parkway Diner is now a school!!! The bicycle shop is still there. Let's get some freshm posts...more and new memories!!

Rifkin, Abbe (Logan) - - Miami Beach H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Pembroke Pines, FL.  I attended PS 176 and IS 59.

Rindner, Robin (Romeo) - - H.S. of Art & Design - Class of 1971
Currently living in Huntington, NY. Website:

Robertson, Philip - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1971
P.S. 156 alum, years 1963-1965

Rosen, Leslie - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Syosset, NY. By the way, the Leslie Rosen reported dead in the early 1970s wasn't me. I swear.

Rosen, Susan (Deith) - - Oceanside H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in New York, NY. Hello Fellow Laureltonites. I have so many fond memories of growing up in Laurelton. It has been wonderful catching up with people through the website!

Rosenberg, Robin (Spence) - - Oceanside H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Lewisburg, WV.  I went to PS 156 from 61-65. I lived at 134-53 229th street.  Thanks for continuing this web site. My comments from the old site are as follows.  Gee...everybody has said so much already. I lived at 229th street right off Merrick Road 134-53 to be exact, the corner house. I lived there from 1961-1965 From there we saw people..especially the old zaideh (sp) walking to the Young Israel everyday. We went to LJC, and saw Bobby Kennedy speak there one day, which was VERY exciting. I remember Mrs. Anderson, my second grade teacher, as well as Miss Cernese, and my very favorite teacher of all time Mrs. Aberle.

Relatives of mine owned Marder's. I loved Stanley's, and the movie theatre on Saturdays, where you paid 50 cents and stayed all day. The pizza parlor was right next door. Shari's had the best charlotte russes'. I can still taste them.

I am looking for Andrea Miller, whom I went to school with until the end of fifth grade when she started Parochial School. She lived "way on the other side of town" near the LIRR. My cousin Paula Kazdon lived a few doors down from me and if anyone is looking for her contact me.

I also remember having a savings account where I gave a dime or a quarter each week. Was it the Dimes Savings Bank? When I moved I received about 25 or 30 dollars. And remember Mother's Day Plant Sales? I wonder how many years I brought a quarter in and got a begonia for my mom. I am also still looking for Andrea Miller. Please let me know if you know where she is. Thanks.

Rosenthal, Don - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Rochester, NY. I attended P.S. 156, J.H. 59, and Springfield Gardens H.S. I lived at 139-47 227St. I attended Young Israel's Hebrew School Program, and belonged to "Cityline" Chapter of AZA of BBYO. I miss the Laurelton years and would love to hear from old friends and acquaintances!  Just thinking out loud...I'm wondering how many might attend a "Laurelton" Reunion? I mean a Reunion, like this FACEBOOK "I Grew Up In Laurelton, New York Group" Reunion, of anyone through the generations who lived and had fond memories of Laurelton. Perhaps even held in a park in LAURELTON! Maybe even a bring your own picnic food kind of thing so that the expense and planning would be at a...minimal. I see a multi purpose...1) to reunite on the home turf of people that you knew and, 2) to acquaint yourself with new friends that you have met via your participating in this internet group, and who knows, even a 3) meet "new" people who share a common living experience and history of a special geographic area.

Okay, I am the Administrator of the FACEBOOK Group Called "I Grew Up in Laurelton" Group. We have over 1,300 members at this time and growing. I have been called a dreamer before, like when I began this "I Grew Up In Laurelton, New York" Group that now has 1,282 members, and growing every day! Just think, even current residents of Laurelton would qualify! What a powerful message that would send about how former residents feel about their community, as well. Let me know what you think and if you would be interested or not?

Rothbard, Susan (Smadja) - - Hewlett H.S. - Class of 1978
Currently living in Moshav Shoresh, Israel. Just got in touch with friends from 1966-72 PS 156 on Facebook. I just found this site when looking up the page I set up on Facebook "P.S. 156 Laurelton, Queens 1960-1975." When I have time I look forward to reading all the memories. I lived on 233rd street and have three older brothers; Alan (born 1951), David (1952) and Howard (1959). My parents. Vivian and Alex, were very involved in LJC and boy scouts. My Uncle Jay and Aunt Elaine lived on Francis Lewis Blvd and had two boys, Richie and Gary.

Rothkopf, Joseph - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Hi all- lived across from the LJC, on 228th St. Currently living in Colorado Springs, CO. Been living in Colorado for 15 years and tell my new family all about what a real small town is really like- slice of pizza and soda for a quarter, going into stores on Merrick blvd where they really did know your name. It's nice reading through and seeing names of friends I haven't seen forever. I am in NY every couple of weeks. If anyone remembers me, send me an email or call- would love to hear from you by phone: 720-201-1169

Rubin, Steven - - Stuyvesant H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Great Neck, NY. Relative to the map of Merrick Blvd. stores, my recollection is that the Bohack was 223rd St., not as is currently listed. Also, on the southwest corner of 228th St. was "Mr. Ed's", a luncheonette owned by the D'Argenio's of 227th St. (Richard was SGHS 1970; younger brother Steve was three years later).

Schacket, Robyn (Shanti) - - Douglas MacArthur H.S. - Class of 1977
I went to PS 156 and IS59 and lived at 133 and 227th just off Merrick Blvd.. My family moved to Wantagh when i was in 8th grade, went to SUNY Oneonta and have been living in Portland, OR for the past 25 years as a DJ on Public Radio station until xmas of 08 and love living in Oregon. I have great memories of Laurelton and its been a blast reconnecting with many folks I went to school with. Would love to hear from old friends!

Scher, Debbie (Sheffrin) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Somerset, NJ.

Schiffer, Elysa (Kritz) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Little Neck, NY

Schiffer, Gary - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Columbus, OH. I lived at 135-11 225th St, My neighbors were Jeff Zipstein, Jeff Blumenfeld, Elliot Schwartz, Roy Artsman, Susan Schwartz and Margie Hailey. My sister is Lisa Schiffer Kritz.

Schneider, Miriam (Wahrsager) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Hewlett, NY. I lived in Rochdale & went to PS 30, IS 72 & SGHS. Most of my friends were from Rosedale and Laurelton; Terri S., Jackie M., Susan D. - all the cool guys with houses! I am seeking Barry Rosenberg, SGHS class 0f '73. He was from Rochdale.  I remember Pizza King and walking down the condiut to cut with everyone. I still have my POW bracelet.

Schulkind, Richard - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Hi ALL: I have kept in touch with a few of you, very infrequently admittedly. Hal Smollar is one of the few I visit at times in Florida. I will try to post more at some time but a short what's going on good news and bad.

Married and living in Sharon Ma since 1978.  Two children - Lisa, an Economics graduate of Union College, economist for 2 years at now going for her PhD. in Economics at UC Davis in CA; Matthew, a Computer Science graduate of Columbia University now working for Google in NYC.  No snow to shovel at the moment (June :-) )  Mother (Pearl) doing well and lives in Natick, MA and my sister Judy lives with her family in NH.  Getting back in touch with friends and collegues.  Fly RC helcopters (still taking a crash course but getting there).

Family spread out too thin with daughter in CA, Son in NY and closest friends in Fl and NY.  Father (Herbert Schulkind) passed away January 8th, 2008.
Miss the old days :-(  More to come....

Schwartz, Elliot - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Holbrook, NY.  It's been a long time - that's for sure. I have mostly sweet memories of Laurelton. I do remember how the Laurelton theater used to give out the multi- colored postcards and post the winning "color" in the ticket booth, offering free admission to the movies for the Saturday matinee.

I remember going to Helen and Sam with my good friend, Jeffrey Zipstein, and ordering a cherry coke. Sam got furious at Helen because he claimed that the cherry syrup should not be given for free since it cost them and how he felt that she should charge us two or three cents more than for a regular coke.

I remember punch ball at 156 - not that I ever could play - and I remember that the two best punchball players were Scott Surrey and the "Punchball King," Danny Kramer. Stickball, punchball and Bungalow Bar (which tasted like "tar" for some reason).

I remember assemblies with white shirts and red ties, singing "What Makes a Good American" in the 156 auditorium. I remember Mr. Gambino and Mr. Noble's "A Christmas Carol," which he put on EVERY year. I remember Mr. Meehan at JHS 59. He had written a play that satirized the school administration. Our English class practiced and practiced and then the administration cancelled it. We sang "I am the very Model of a Junior High School Principal" and that was not to the principal's liking.

I remember working on cars in Roger Goldstein's driveway (I even did my brakes- with some help of course.) I remember the track "perverts" and our gambling casino which we set up in the basement.

I remember buying pizza at Carmine's and Tony's with the money I got by having Jeff do my haircuts. I remember Woolworth's where I bought my copy of Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  I remember Good Food, a grocery/supermarket which offered Kosher food. I remember working at the plastic slip cover place- who the heck uses plastic slip covers now!???

I remember seemingly perfect summer days that dragged on as I sat on the curb with my friends and made dams to stop the water as it flowed into the sewer. I remember the early dismissals for "religious instruction." I remember the kosher egg rolls at the Laurelton Deli, prepared without pork and so offbeat. I remember egg creams and malteds and wax lips and wax coca cola mini-bottles that contained an unidentifiable colored liquid. I remember Lik-A-Maid and Turkish Taffy and the dot candy that came on strips of paper and I remember feeling that having 50 cents was enough to buy so much candy that I might burst.

I remember Halloweens where block after autumn block were filled with houses with treasures and possibly apples with raiser blades in them.

I remember being in the Mop Tops with Richard D'Argennio and Barry Crackow and Jeff Zipstein and going from class to class with absurd mop like wigs. I played the accordion and took lessons from Mr. Pendle. His son Vinnie was a musician.

I remember my great friend Harold Gendelman moving to Woodmere and I remember his murder at the age of 35 when a criminal robbed his store in Middletown, new York.

I remember art with Mr. Berman, music with Mr. Antosofski and English with Ms. Sullivan, who got me my first teaching job. I remember "Brainfield Gardens High School" and the valedictorian's attack on Polatnick and his long, nasty rebuttal. I remember thinking prom was corny and the prom was cancelled at Springfield because many other students agreed.

I remember a Laurelton that was the ideal neighborhood in which to grow up and how that small town existence no longer exists anywhere in New York City.

I remember going on my first date ( a blind date with Bonnie Colman set up by Laurie Cutler and Joel Gallay) which evolved into my current marriage which now approaches the 30 year mark.

I remember Laurelton and the memories live in me like a light that shines with purity and awe.

Schwartz, Kenny - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Palmetto Bay, FL. I would love to find Joey Parminteri (3 or 4 ave's North side of Merrick Rd and around 234 Street if anyone can help!!!! He last lived in Baldwin Long Island. Thanks In advance!!!!!!!

Schwartz, Larry - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1976
Greetings! Larry Schwartz here. Now living in Miami & Key Largo. Born (1959) and raised in Laurelton. We lived at 133-06 229 Street from 1958-1976. My parents (Esther and Milton) purchased the house for $15,800 and the mortgage was $100/mo. Older brother Kenny living in Miami and sister Judy still living in New York. I went to PS 156, IS 59, Jamaica High, Queensboro CC and Baruch College. After graduating in 1980, I moved to Florida and started a courier business in 1981. I married a wonderful woman and we have two boys 13 & 14 years old. I noticed posts from Andy Blumenthal and Allen Zimmerman who I keep in touch with from time to time. I also keep in touch with Larry Ribler, Lee Heiman and occasionally hear from Gerry Antel. It would be great to hear from old friends and neighbors. There is no other place in the world like the "Old Laurelton". If you find a place like it, let me know. If you remember me, shoot me a quick e-mail to say hi... I would love to hear from you. Skip, nice job with the website. Wishing you all the best, Larry Schwartz

Schwartz, Michael - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Monroe, NY. Have fond memories of growing up in Laurelton. My family were members of Temple Beth-El (we lived across the street), I was in the boy scouts, and went to P.S. 156, J.H.S. 59, and Andrew Jackson High School.  It's almost like a Twilight Zone episode to read everyone's memories of Laurelton, Merrick Blvd., punch ball, Chinese restaurants, the bagel shop, stoop ball, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for the memories!  Web Site:

Schwartz, Phyllis (Klughaupt-Becker) - - Yeshiva High School of Queens - Class of 1970
Currently living in Raanana, Israel. Wow. I wrote a long memory and it all disappeared before I got to send it off. We lived at 135-34 231st Street and I have wonderful memories. My dad and our family catered lots of bar mitzvahs and assorted parties from anniversary's to mortgage burnings. My best friends were Goldie Jochnowits, Janet Silverstein and Jackie Fried. Also Judy Storch, Mona Rutta and Helen G. The Thum family on 234th were like family and we are still close. I lived in Laurelton from 1952-1972 and played with Patty and Joanie who were Catholics and Robin and Ellen who were conservative Jews and my other friends were all the orthodox kids from Young Israel of Laurelton.

Schwartz, Renee - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Plantation, FL

Schwartz, Susan (Arthur) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Holbrook, NY.

Schwarz, Larry - - Eron Preparatory School - Class of 1971
Currently living in South Jordan UT. I lived in Laurelton as a very young boy from birth in 1952 to the fall of 1958.I do have very fond memories of those early years. I remember Woolworths, Raabs Lunchonette, and Teddys Lunchonette. I remember a Jewish deli and a butcher, but can not recall the names of these businesses. Does anyone remember Shultze's Candy Store on the corner of Merrick Rd. and 229th St.? I lived at 130-28 229th St. Would love to hear from others and share our memories.

Shapiro, Gayle (Windham) - - Bellmore Kennedy H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Melville, NY. Where are all my girlfriends that i had slumber parties with? Would love to hear from you! I moved to Long island when I was about 12 or 13. I have a lot of fond memories. Laurelton was a great place to grow up and call "Home"

Shapiro, Janet (Maday) - - PS 132 - Class of 1974
Currently living in Belle Haven, VA.  Laurelton Address: 131-30 225th Street LA5-3643  Neighbors: Nagelberg, Zucker, Drosin, Lipari, Penn.  Would love to hear from old friends!

Shapiro, Pam (Beckerman) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Living in Stony Brook, NY; would love to hear from all my old friends.............MISS U GUYS!

Shaw, Linda - - North Miami Beach H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Cincinnati OH. I left Laurelton in 1973 to finish H.S. and college in FL but went to P.S. 156 and then I.S.59 through SP 7th grade. My brother Larry graduated from Andrew Jackson and Fred from Springfield Gardens High. We lived down the block from Manny and Zelda's on 234th St. and forever miss Capri Beach Club!

Shedrick, Mike - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1977
Currently living in Columbia, SC. Moved to Laurelton - 232nd St. in 1970 across the street from Temple Beth-el. Anybody remember House of Chang, Grand Union, Martin Paints, Stanleys on 230th and Merrick, George Record Store aka The Weed Spot, Chicken Delight, and Laurelton Little League parades down Merrick to Montebello Park?

Shunfenthal, Ilene (Watrous) - - Stuyvesant H.S. - Class of 1973
I would like to find out about people who attended PS 156 and IS 59 with me. I lived on 223rd street and would have attended Springfield Gardens High. I lived in Laurelton from 1956-1979. Website:

Silverman, Karen (Stavis) - - Springfield Gardens H.S. & Lawrence H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in North Woodmere, NY. How can any of us describe how wonderful Laurelton was? I lived at 134-37 227th St. right down the block from Carmines Pizza (50¢ for 2 slices and a coke) and around the corner from the Laurelton Movie Theatre. My parents moved from Laurelton to North Woodmere when I was in 11th grade at Springfield HS. My sister Marsha and I still talk about all the fun times. I can remember creating an outdoor home on the island on 228th St. near Ellen Bindler's house. How independent we were taking buses and trains all over NYC. Yes...Mrs. Krantz was the best!! She went to college with my grandmother, so I called her Aunt Ruth!!. During the teacher strike, she held classes in her basement. Would love to hear from fellow Laureltonians.

Simon, Steve - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970

Simonoff, Jeffrey - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1972
Living on Long Island for 21 years. Lots more details and memories can be found in my 2005 post in the "Memories of Laurelton" page of this site.

Singer, Franci (Kaufman) - - Hillcrest H.S. - Class of 1975
Currently living in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Singer, Harvey - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in Levittown, NY.

Sklersky, Joan (Resnick) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
I am a Jan 70 graduate of AJHS. Lived in DC for many years. Now I am in Princeton , NJ since 1992. Just got onto this site very cool. I am in touch with many of my high school and even nursery school friends.  Feel free to email me.

Slade, Geraldine (Auger) -  - Schreiber H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Wildwood, MO.

Slotkoff, Michele (Berkowitz) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Holland, PA. I found this site purely by chance and I'm just having the best time reading everyone's profiles. The memories are flooding back. I hope this site keeps on growing and growing. Thanks for the great memories

Smolen, Deborah - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1973
Currently living in East Meadow, NY. We lived on 138th Ave. between 226 & 227th. Attended PS 156, IS 59, and Springfield Gardens H.S.

Solomon Marcia - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Thank you so much for this web site. I remember walking over the 226th St bridge, through the underpass (which was quite scary I might add) and attending the dances at the Laureltn Jewish Center. I lived on 231st in Rosedale, but most of my friends lived in Laurelton so that is where I spent most of my chidhood. Steven Maller lived across the street from me and we developed a good friendship back then. Ronnie Blumberg (Spector) was one of my closest friends, along with Marcia Schwartz and Avis Greenblatt. There are so many people that I would love to be in contact with, and hope I hear from you soon. I and have two wonderful sons, and two beautiful granddaughters. I'm currently living in Port Charlotte Florida, and own a distribution company that sells exotic animals to pet stores throughout Florida and the United States. I am so excited about this site!

Solomon, Pamela (Kleinmann) - - Ft. Lauderdale H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Boca Raton, FL. I moved to Laurelton when I was 3. I lived on 228th & Bet. 144th and 145th Ave. I had a lot of friends from Laurelton & Rosedale. I went to P.S. 156 for Kindergarten, P.S. 137 (the little red school house with 6 rooms, of which I have pictures of somewhere), then P.S. 181 (which became the "new" school), Tri-Comm. JHS 231 & then SGHS. I had gotten married in 1976 and moved back to NY. Unfortunately, every time we had to fly out of Kennedy airport with friends or family, my husband would announce " oh no, here comes the 'tour'" and I would point out every time (and still do if I am in NY) the street I lived on, 231 and SGHS. I wish kids, nowadays grew up like I did, outside either playing stick ball, punch ball, or just sitting on the "stoop" just hanging out. Nowadays, the kids don't leave the house. They just sit alone, on computers. They don't play with imagination anymore. I remember my friends and I used to sing in front of the mirror, of course with the window opened, and pretend we were the Supremes. I moved to FL. the summer of 1969, after my freshman year at SGHS.

Spero, Howie - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
What great memories growing up in Laurelton. After graduating SUNY Buffalo in 1975, I headed west and eventually landed in California. I've been teaching at UC Davis since 1990. It's great to see names of old friends I haven't spoken to in 40 years.

Steingold, Marshall - - The Highland School - Class of 1974  Website:

I grew up at 121-59 234th St. with my sister Laura and two great parents, Jay and Rita. Walked to school at P.S. 176Q. Bar Mitzvah was at Temple Beth-El. First job was delivering chicken dinner at Chicken Delight. I was a paperboy for the New York Post. Best friends with Barry Koch, David Berger, Jay Kates, Elliot Levy, Joseph Rosenberg, Barry Abess, Mitchell Rolnick, Michael Stoloff and so many more great kids. Went to University of Miami. BA and MA Communication. Currently reside in Miami with my wife and two great kids. Advertising and publishing business:  Would love to hear from anyone from those great days in Laurelton!

Stikar, John - - Pennsylvania high school - Class of 1973
Currently living in Albuquerque, NM. I grew up in Rosedale from 1954 to 1971. I attended PS 156 (my favorite school to this day), graduating in 1965. I attended JHS 231 and then Aviation HS, Springfield Gardens HS, and finally Pittston Area HS near Wilkes-Barre, PA. There are many people I remember from PS 156. I remember punchball and handball in the schoolyard, a neighbor who ownded a 1957 Thunderbird, being sent by Ms. Gale to Mr. Kiley's office to find out if rumors about Pres. John F. Kennedy's being hurt were true, and much more.

Strauss, Diane - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1974
Wow, who even knew that there was a Laurelton website? Stumbled upon it by accident and I am thrilled. Am actually living 10 minutes away from my "old" best friend Judy Schwartz who I am meeting for coffee the minute I get out of work. Sent emails to a bunch of others.  This is the coolest thing. I hope to keep in touch with everyone from here on out and re-connect with all the others. Am living in South Setauket with my two youngest children (the two oldest have already flown the coop) and I would love to hear from whoever remembers me.

Strom, Madeleine (Glick) - - Andrew Jackson H.S -   Class of 1970

Surry, Scott - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1970
Currently living in Glen Oaks, NY

Trufelman, Lloyd - Great Neck South H.S. - Class of 1975 - Updated October 29, 2020
Currently living in Westchester. Now that I’m getting older, I wonder if Carmine’s slogan, “Eat Our Pizza and You’ll Live to 100 Years” was true..!

Turk, Merri (Lasky) - - John F. Kennedy Bellmore - Class of 1973
Currently living in Plainview, NY.

Upshur, Bryan - - Springfield H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Florence, SC.

Walsh, Laura - - Oceanside H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Baldwin, NY.

Watsky, Craig - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Chicopee, MA.

Weber, Joi (Margolis) - - JFK H.S., Bellmore - Class of 1973
Currently living in Merrick, NY. HI everyone! I am so happy that because of this Laurelton website, I was able to reconnect with many people! I found one of my "childhood" friends, Wendi Haas. Such fond memories of Laurelton-thats where i met my husband Barry; childhood sweethearts and 34 years married; two children.

Weinblatt, Charles - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Boynton Beach, FL. I lived on 228th St just across from PS 156 for approx. 20+ yrs from '62-82/83. I have lived in Florida ever since with a short stop in L.A. back in 80-81. I get back to NY at least twice a year and have been back to my old house a few years ago. I can't tell you the pleasure I had in seeing the neighborhood so well kept. It looked as good or better than I remembered! Summer days hanging out at Sal's (the old Burt and Daves)and the school yard (or the park as my gang called it). Anybody remember me? The wild bunch...Gary Agin, Leslie Pestaina, (I see you Les) Andy Cassel, Alan Feigenbaum,and on and on....Chris Policano, Peter Constantine,..hit me up if you're there.

Weinblatt, Robert - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Albuquerque, NM.

Weinreb, Robert - - Lynbrook H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in East Islip, NY

Weinstock, Deborah (Nulman) - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1972
Curretly living in Potomac, MD. Have been back in the states for past three years. Lived in Jerusalem, Israel with husband Mark and 4 children since 1988, would love to hear from fellow classmates

Weiss, Steven - - Jamaica H.S. - Class of 1974
Now living in Atlantic Highlands, NJ; age 52 at this writing (May 2008); systems engineer for a major manufacturer and seller of office automation equipment and electronics. I used to live on 230th Street, between 133rd Avenue and Merrick Blvd. My parents are Ernest and Clara (deceased); older brothers Ernie and Artie; older sister Rose; and younger sister Helene. You may remember my father--he taught Sunday schoool at Temple Beth El. After a day at PS 156, I'd go to Hebrew school at the LJC. Remember Max Dunetz, and Mrs. Ciner? Remember Junior Congregation?
Incredibly happy to have found this web site!

White, Barbara - - Bushwick H.S. - Class of 1976
Currently living in Cape Coral, FL. I worked for the great Dr. Philip Clifton on 227th and Merrick.

White, Eileen - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Southampton, NY. Any St. Mary Magdalene alumni out there?

White, Lezli - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Corning, NY. Thank you for creating this site. So much of my formation and foundation came from PS 156. My first violin lessons and my teachers: Mrs. Schwartz, Miss Trusty and Mrs. Parver.... a very special and challenging time. Thanks for the memories. Website:

Williams, Michael - - Springfield Gardens H.S. - Class of 1979
Currently living in Elgin, SC.

Wissner, Elizabeth (Gross) - - Great Neck South H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Great Neck, NY.  Thanks for doing the Laurelton website. It's great reading about all the people I remember from my childhood. My family moved from Laurelton after 5th grade. Nowadays, I'm an author and education advocate...I was in classes at PS 156 with Dexter Diaz, who also became an author. Just to update my address: I'm in the process of moving from New Hyde Park to Great Neck.  I also have a weekend home in Bloomfield, CT.

Woda, Barry - - Valley Stream South H.S. - Class of 1977
Currently living in Oceanside, NY. I found this site by accident. Looking at the names stated a flood of memories comming back to me. I was born in Laurelton in 1959 and lived there till 1975. My family was active in the Laurelton Jewish Center. I went to P.S. 156, I.S. 59 and Jamaica High School for 2 years then we moved to Lynbrook. How I remember the A&P and Grand Union and Woolworths and Stanley's and Murray's candy store and La Tosca Pizza. I would love to hear from anybody was in Troop 225. my parents were friends with the Atlas and Pearls and so many others. and we lived next to the Schwarts on 232 St. I can still remember my brothers playing handball on the side of the House of Chang and the Memorial Day parades.

Zee, James - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1974
Currently living in Hicksville, NY.

Zetlin, Elaine (Lotfi) - - Jericho H.S. - Class of 1971
Currently living in Jericho, NY. Left Laurelton in 1964. Had the best time growing up there. Missed going out to play with my friends on the block (Can Marcia come out and play??) Lived at 131-11 222 St. LA 8-0741. Danced around the May Pole at PS 132. Bought Good Humor from Andy the Panda. (and yes, Bungalow Bar tastes like tar). Always consider myself a Laurelton kid.

Zimmerman, Allen - - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of 1975
I have been living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL since '76. WOW! so bitter sweet. The greatest town and we didn't realize it. I moved to Laurelton the fall of '67 and my first walk ever was to the store in the most beautiful town ever built to get a bottle of soda and on the way back Stanley and his dog were sitting on a crate. I went in and bought 2 lolli's and a pack of baseball cards for 9 cents, I only had 7 and Stanley said bring it next time. I lived at 130-61 230 St.  I went to Jackson and graduated in '75' and spent all my time in the gym playing and was on the teams so my grades stayed in the D range just like in P.S.156 and I.S. 59.  Best day ever was the party at the Schwartz's house on 229 St.

I played in the little league, went to the LJC, was in Troop 225 and there is a website scoutingwithtroop225. It was a Jewish little league but I pitched against Cardozzo in H.S. 2 days in a row and beat them even though they almost never lost.

I was a D student at best with a couple of C's during the way and headed into trouble in the mid 70's but now I am a successful Stockbroker and Comedian and I have a great son named Jason Zimmerman, b. 1989.

I still hang around all summer and go to the park where I live everyday to play Basketball, baseball and run track. I have hundreds of pictures of me on my website and that's my real hair btw. I told Mr. Noble I wouldn't lose it.

I have the best memory in the world, people mention it to me all the time and if I knew you then I still remember all we did. I still am in touch with a few but had some great friends back then, the Scher's, Ponemon's, Miltz's...

I sent a couple of emails out to a couple on here but being busy I will catch up in the summer. Speaking of summer, my how great were the summers in Laurelton playing at 156, and knowing all the stores on Merrick (Stanley's, Tony's Pizza, the movies, Grand Union and Key Food) I did work at BAF sporting goods in 1975.

I delivered the Long Island Press for a year and remember the big blizzard of '68'. It almost makes you want to cry thinking how great we all had it once in a town that we hope to all live in again in heaven even with Stanley's dog. Personally, my thanks to Bernard Miltz and Cantor Kinus and his TNT club at the LJC for helping me grow into a person.

I always brag about this being the best website on the internet. It makes you so happy and sad at the same time. My email address is .  &  Thank You Skip

Zucker, Marshall - - Springfield H.S. - Class of 1972
Currently living in Wantagh, NY


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